Gunman opened fire outside Texas Muhammad cartoon contest

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Gunman opened fire outside Texas Muhammad cartoon contest

Gunman who opened fire outside Texas Muhammad cartoon contest identified.


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Religion influences people to

Religion influences people to do crazy things. I wonder if we will see more incidents such as this?

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Why would you expect that
ImFree's picture reason to be reason to be optimistic. One side agitates and the other side responds.

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ISIS Claims Responsibility

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack at Texas Event Showing Muhammad Cartoons

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Oh yeah, makes me tingle with

Oh yeah, makes me tingle with urges to become religious now. I can kill because my religion said so!

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I wish I could say that there

I wish I could say that there was a great outcry of condemnation, but apparently, a number of people now think drawing a cartoon is inviting your own murder.

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this was brought to my

this was brought to my attention...... and it has impressed me..... so thought I'd share....


"Hey Mamas,

I’m sorry. I’m sorry you lost your boys. As the mother of a boy, this is the unthinkable. My heart aches for your loss.

I’m sorry your sons died over cartoons. Cartoons are supposed to be sources of humour and smiles and laughter. They are supposed to trigger thought, not violence. They are entertainment, commentary and art… not a reason to die.

I’m sorry that in the wake of Charlie Hebdo, the media did not stand up for free speech and publish as many Muhammad cartoons as possible, making it normal. I’m sure, had the media not been so gutless, and Muhammad cartoons became frequent and normal, that the ones in Garland would not have had the impact on your sons that they did. ..... "

link is worth a look....

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Yet Religious people claim

Yet Religious people claim that if there is no god they will go nuts running out killing everyone.......we need to have religion and god to have morals...............................

religon gives you immorality big time..................every religious fanatic does not have to refer much to his holy book to justify killing someone...................

yet they ask if there is no god where does morality come from when its clear that a lot of immorality is also coming from god

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