Has anyone [else] seen any good political movies?

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Has anyone [else] seen any good political movies?

I am [re]watching Lions for Lambs and watched W. , Watchman, and Charlie Wilson's War a while back. Anyone up for talking about a political movies and watch as we all dig our heels deeper in this morass called the body politic :P ?

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"Anyone up for talking about

"Anyone up for talking about a political movies and watch as we all dig our heels deeper in this morass called the body politic :P ?"

I'm not much for political movies but anytime you want to discuss politics I'd be happy to share my opinions with you as it's one of my favorite subjects.
It would be nice if this site had a political forum. I would be very interested in hearing fellow atheists opinions on politics. It seems to me that politics is more of a religion than it is common sense. I see a parallel between mindless faith in invisible friends and politicians.

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well there is a minor

well there is a minor difference - political positions have evidence of their effects. Social science is bunk, though, so sometimes people are stupid in this

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About the only difference

About the only difference that I see between faith in a political candidate and faith in a god is that you can get a response to your questions (though usually they just tell you what they think you want to hear) from a political candidate. I agree that political positions have effects but so do religious ones, often on politics.

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feminism: https://www.youtube
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I think my favorite one would

I think my favorite one would have to be Thirteen Days. It really gives you an idea on the severity of the Cuban missile crisis and how JFK handled it despite his generals demanding a war. Epic and moving.

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hmm I tried to watch thirteen

hmm I tried to watch thirteen days just now. The cinematography is dated so I couldn't get through it :/

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The most famous high-quality

The most famous high-quality political drama currently airing on television would be (in my opinion) Madam Secretary. I think it's really hard to even come close to matching The West Wing, arguably the best political drama ever made, but this show is truly amazing.

Madam Secretary, hence the title, follows the work and home life of Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord as she negotiates international law, manages hostile foreign governments, maintains the image of the White House, etc. It feels as realistic as The West Wing. As with all foreign crises, the laws they are trying to pass and much more are very relevant and realistic. Madam Secretary does an excellent job of accurately reporting White House procedures, just as she does in The West Wing.

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