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Can anyone put into a nutshell why hermetics is superstitious nonsense? And how does one claim to use it as a tool to objectively understand all the "hidden meaning" of the bible?

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My basic understanding is

My basic understanding is this hermes cat, yet another writer of superstitious prattle, claims that all current religions have a basis in a single underlying theology of a one-god system it espoused in distant antiquity. Supposedly he wrote about (introduced) monotheism well before any of the developing early religions that began with polytheistic and pagan beliefs. Christianity, for instance, "appropriated" it as the basis for it texts in the bible. One world, one sun, moon, and god going back beyond the theistic and atheistic (archeological) records. There is no "hidden meaning" in the bible other than perhaps a certain plagiarizing of this hermes' writings without crediting original authorship. The ChrisCats wouldn't do that, of course, for reasons of claiming to be the authority on monotheistic god-stuff.

Asking the question you ask is a bit confusing when all the metaphysical writing, regardless of authorship, is superstitious bunk. Don't be confused about that.

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I get that it's bullshit, it

I get that it's bullshit, it's just new to me, I'm trying to understand why someone in my life would look at this as "the key" to all understanding. Egyptian, alchemy, ad nauseum, just looking for a way to rebut a normally intelligent person.

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They are probably doing it

They are probably doing it for the same reason others embrace religion...they want answers for their questions and solutions to what they find mysterious. Some people cannot embrace not knowing.
The only counter you can use is, "prove it." They will likely then offer things that seem like proof to them but are easy targets through which to blow holes.

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