Hindu-Muslim classic conflict - INDIA

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Hindu-Muslim classic conflict - INDIA

Is it really the blind love for one's religion or just the religious politics that has lead to the current tension between hindus and muslims in India ?



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Divisive politics taking

Divisive politics taking advantage of blind faith!

Nationalism is at an all time high. Any form of dissent is snuffed out by political outfits and vigilante groups. A half clad cheat in orange markets substandard products to a gullible population to be the biggest company today in india. All at the helm of a cooling economy which has seen a marked drop in GDP from a failed venture by the ruling party and China backing India into corners in world politics.

Yet the most important topic of conversation in India (I shit you not) is ;
1. Cow Slaughter for Food (Banned by the current administration)
2. How Peacocks have sex (A high court judge stated that the peahen drinks the tears of the peacock to reproduce)

So yes - "Divisive politics taking advantage of blind faith!"

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