Holy Week in Central America

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Holy Week in Central America

I believe there is nothing more contradictive and hypocritical than Holy Week as it is celebrated by people in Latin America, or to narrow it down even more, in Central America.

The celebration is so twisted, that religious people look forward to holy week because they get to drink, party and spend the little money they have on their vacation expenses, and while there is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself every now and then, why are these people so stupid and choose to party when they should be in a calm state, meditating about their saviour and his death. I just dont get how hypocritical most people are about holy week and their "love" for their god. They have turned holy week into a spring break, and it beats the whole purpose of their religious beliefs. And it goes to show just how weak their religious commitment is. Probably because they kind of know it's all a big scam but dont have the guts to admit it even to themselves.

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In some countries, holy week

In some countries, holy week became a scary week, particularly the Friday. Occult practitioners believes that it's a great time to collect occult herbs, stones, and other occult practices is said to be most effective during that time. According to them, since god is dead, the power of evil is powerful to help black magicians performs their spells effectively. Isn't it scary? Plus the fact that some occult practitioners also consider themselves as Christians in public.

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Holy week is completely

Holy week is completely ridiculous. I think it should be erased from society just like christmas.

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I agree but Christmas is a

I agree but Christmas is a cool celebration than holy week. I think it should be retain because without christmas celebration there will be no christmas bonus nor 13 month pay. Holy week has no general benefits, it can even make some businesses freeze their earnings for several days.

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Even when I was a Christian,

Even when I was a Christian, I didn't really celebrate holy week. I like Christmas because it's great to see how happy and excited the little ones get. :)

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Holy week is the biggest joke

Holy week is the biggest joke of all traditions. Only 5% of the people actually do what they should do in holy week, the rest are only partying and getting drunk.

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I was reading a bit more on

I was reading a bit more on this tradition in latin america and it seems to be one of the most fanatical I have seen so far. At least for those that do take it seriously instead of partying. Some guys play jesus and ask the soldier actors to hit them really hard with the whips.

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A hypocrite kind of

A hypocrite kind of celebration indeed! They would just hit themselves to show repentance and yet after that they'll go back to their bad habits. No sense at all.

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It's ridiculous and shameful

It's ridiculous and shameful that we are in 2013 and still ceblebrating such things.

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Yeah, the only reason to celebrate xmas is for the children i suppose, and also to bring family together at least once a year.

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Sometimes we do this these

Sometimes we do this these things just because we need something to celebrate every now and then. But we could also start a new day to celebrate, and maybe call it "religious freedom and awareness day".

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I'm not really a stickler for

I'm not really a stickler for preserving religious integrity, since I'm not religious :) I love Mardi Gras, Halloween, and all those parties!

It is hypocritical of those who are religious, but I'm *sure* we don't expect anything better from the Church at this point.

In school, I knew a number of Christians who refused to celebrate Halloween for exactly that reason. I applaud them for that area of nobility and truly honoring their beliefs... but they missed one hell of a party.

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