Is Homosexuality Natural?

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Is Homosexuality Natural?

***This is not a homophobic question so please kick me out.

By natural, I do not mean does it occur in nature. Clearly it does since it occurs in us, and pointing at lions or bonobos as proof adds no more information than we already knew about ourselves.

Still, is it natural? How do we define natural? There are a lot of things that occur in nature that we don't consider natural: An animal with two heads. A set of conjoined twins. Down's Syndrome. Is homosexuality among them?

I want to be clear, I'm not asking if homosexuality is a bad thing, or whatever other negative connotations you want to imply from my question.

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Yes, it's natural, it's seen

Yes, it's natural, it's seen not only in humans, but other species of animals as well. I believe the question should be is human sexuality not black and white? Which it isn't, usually humans fall into a grey scale when it comes to sexuality. Even if sexuality was a choice, its still okay to choose what sex your attracted to.

But it isn't a choice, human's will prefer whatever sex they want because of either 1. Their brain perceives the opposite sex as attractive. 2. Other traits attract them that are more prevelant in another gender.

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Assuming you are heterosexual

Assuming you are heterosexual, were you sexually attracted to every person of the opposite sex you ever saw? If so, you may suffer from a personality disorder. If not, do you feel it's natural that you were attracted to some and not to others?

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The problem lies with what is

The problem lies with what is natural?

It is clear to me that we are dealing with the subjectivity of human opinions taken as a majority on a particular subject.

One can argue that since the majority have a single sexual orientation, it is quite evident that the majority will say that it is not natural.
The main reason is that most people do not understand what they do not experience themselves.

So in light of these in depth analysis one is forced to conclude that whoever ask the question;
"Is Homosexuality Natural?"
Does not have a basic understanding of what he is asking, else he won't ask such a stupid question.

Natural is relative and thus there is no answer for such a question. It depends on the person you are asking.

If on the other hand you are asking something like this:

Do non homosexual persons view homosexuality as unnatural?
Then the answer is quite obvious.

This basic logic should let you know how stupid that question is.

Why don't you instead ask, why does god hate fags after creating them?

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All the examples of the

All the examples of the unnatural you provide are actually I assume you mean normal instead of natural?

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Yes he means normal

Yes he means normal

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Hmm, that is a lot different

Hmm, that is a lot different than natural. Birth defects are sometimes natural, but they are not average or exceedingly common. Homosexuality is not the most common sexual preference, but neither is people attracted to obese people, so I am not sure what he is trying to get at.

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How can it not be? One doesn

How can it not be? One doesn't just jump out of bed one day and choose a persuasion. It's biologically blueprinted.

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"Still, is it natural? How do

"Still, is it natural? How do we define natural? There are a lot of things that occur in nature that we don't consider natural: An animal with two heads. A set of conjoined twins. Down's Syndrome. Is homosexuality among them?"-

Your thinly veiled comparison of the human spectrum of sexuality to physical hindrances resulting from gene code variances is noted and whether or not you find such wide paths of affection natural or not, two consenting people of age giving of themselves to those they are deeply drawn to doesn't harm society or anyone. Next...

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