How do you view religious freedom?

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I really hope freedom of

I really hope freedom of religion will last.

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Religious freedom to me, is the right to practice whatever religion you choose within the confines of the law. So a person is free to follow any religion, but things like civil rights trump a persons religious rights. Another words, a person can believe what they want and practice their religion how they want, but if a conflict arises between their faith/practice and any other law, the law wins by default.

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@ Mathman, I really like how

@ Mathman, I really like how you put that, and agree 100%.

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It's a good definition. Just

It's a good definition. Just make sure to mention that it's secular law you are talking about. Otherwise one religion will have poisoned the definition of law and will trump all others, including irreligion.

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Religious freedom = Oxymoron?

Religious freedom = Oxymoron?


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