How far has Christianity carved into People? - This far and worse.

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How far has Christianity carved into People? - This far and worse.

In a argument in another page, the Atheism kicked in and as the argument went on this is what followed. -

I suppose you already know basic things about Religion.
1. It's a TOOL, used by Mortal Mere Men to Exploit Money and Influence over People as they wish.
2. It's a Fundamentalist Cult that finds no Truth to anything that Contradicts it's Books and "God".
3. It was never for the Good of the People considering how Religion has Killed way more people throughout History than any War (I and II Crusade)
4. It blinds People from the Truth.
5. It opposes Science simply because it doesn't fit with it's Ideology.
6. Nothing that the Bible has in it's Text has any Proof or Evidence of the Existence of God, Angels, Flying Unicorns etc...
7. "God" is nothing more than a Figure to Improve the Church's influence and standing.
8. We basically all know, it's been a Parasite that has Zombified Children and turning them into Fundamentalist Fanatics that have no Perception of Truth and Reality.

Person 1 (Christian, a BIG ONE):
Yet, it's still a religion taken in by many today. A lot of people on this website are Atheists, which I understand myself, but I think a lot of their opinions are close-minded and "GOD DOESN'T EXIST", which if you believe so, it's your choice. Though, people like you always look into the negative side of religion instead of the positives, because that's all that matters, right? The church uses the money gathered from charity to run their organization, but they also use it for the purpose of helping the homeless and those others less fortunate. Aside from that, religion as it is allows people to have a sense of hope in the world. It gives their life MEANING, instead of "Oh boy, just gonna keep doing nothing 'til I die." Because if we're all given this purpose then we can continue on with a meaning in mind. People who don't affiliate with religion at times will not really see any difference in their lives, which might be why many think it's "meaningless" to keep going, some even commit suicide. Ever noticed how people who are affiliated with religion have the lowest suicide percentage? What I despise, and I mean -hate- are people that decide "You know what? This has no meaning to it, it's useless" because almost everything in the world and beyond has a purpose behind it, and you're just bastardizing the church for existing because science became a thing not too long ago.

Gives their life a MEANING? What meaning? To do good because if they do so they go to heaven or because if they do bad they go to hell? That isn't a meaning, that is fear.
Have you ever seen the TelevAngelists? Those People exploit others moneys for their own profit.

"It gives their life MEANING, instead of "Oh boy, just gonna keep doing nothing 'til I die." - Oh stop being so foolish, you think the Bible or Q'uran are the only things that give people a Meaning to their lives? You are just being inconsiderate at that point, People can create their own Meaning to their life without the need of Religion, they can live for something and they can die for something. Take an example, the future of their children.

*The Crazy Christian One*
Person 2 (Christian):
God can help you gain what you want within reason in this world. But if you never try with an open mind. Sadly, you might never find out or receive this power i am speaking of.
God doesn't want us to hurt or judge anyone my man. But God has giving me millions of dollars because i have completely given myself to God. I will pray for you. I hope you can come back one day to receive his blessing and live life in abundance. and God is not a he or she. God is far beyond those terms

Oh I am open-minded.
I'm just waiting for him to Show up, or at least any of his Angels or whatever he uses to "communicate" with people, as you can see I've put a lot of thought on that.

Person 1 (Atheist Side)- In respond to the *Crazy Person 2*:
Your just as closed minded saying he has to exist. I am open to anything. I believed god existed and nothing happened for me. I once went to church every Sunday and Prayed. I stopped believing in god the moment i read the bible. The same bible that says you shouldn't kill says it's okay to stone a gay man. Religion is an outdated way for people to give there life meaning. "It's gods will" is just another way saying "Suck it up bitch".

*The Crazy Christian One*
Person 2 (Christian):
You have to let go all logic. Gods power is beyond it. Believe, and you will receive. This is coming from a very wealthy man that has gained wealth through Gods miracles.
Gods power is beyond human logic. Satan is very real and is attacking at full speed in this chat. I hope you can believe in God again one day and feel his blessing of heaven on earth with me my friend.
Sorry my friend. You will have a much tougher time proving hes not real than proving he isnt. I hope you dont miss out on his blessings to much longger

I suppose that's my line, because of your close-mindedness and fundamentalism you will never be able to see for what's good in Humanity without God.

Person 3 (Christian):
Well you guys can have your opinions, but i completely desagree, btw...there are actualy good religions, the problem is how SOME not all people use it for their porpuse, but don`t blame the religion, blame the person who uses it in a bad way, you are being blind by ``hate``.

Religion was Created by Men.
And we aren't being Blinded by Hate, you are being Blinded by Hate.
Islam has become more barbaric than ever before, do you know the penalty for Apostasy? Do you know what they do to Women when they serve Alcohol on Ramadan days (check the news) or "disrespect" the their Husbands? They brought up barbaric laws from the past as punishment for adultery or affairs out of wedlock.
And all these are in the Religion of Islam, not put by God, not put by a Angel but by Mortal Men.
Oh and let's not forget the fact how Self-Proclaimed Prophet Mohammed sieged the City of Mecha with 10.000 Armed Muslims - That sounds very Peaceful of Mohammed doesn't it?
Saying how Religion is actually Peaceful and we shouldn't blame it because Men abuse with it is just pathetic.
Mortal Men created Religion, they aren't Abusing with it, they are USING it.

Person 2 (Atheist Side) - In Response to Person 3 (Christian):
The only blind one is you, either that or you can't read what my fellows wrote up there.No normal human would disagree on solid facts.

Person 4 (Christian) - In Response to Person 2 (Atheist Side):
What you just said there was an entirely ad hominem argument, which carries no logical weight.

Me - In Response to Person 4 (Christian):
I don't think it required logic to understand what he wrote. And the way you use the "ad hominem" to describe a simple sentence that offers a simple information to "read above" is just foolish.

Person 4 (Christian):
The Catholic Church is the world's largest charity organization. Religion in and of itself is not evil. Any evil comes from people, not God. The Vatican has done nothing to deserve such condemnation since the crusades, the first two of which were justified.

Yes, It was also the Ally of Fascism as signed by Pope Pious XI in 1933 with Mussolini, or was that insignificant?

There was More Argument but I couldn't just haul it all over here, it was quite long.
For at least some Happy News, the Christian Side faded over into Absence after the all the Facts that we Atheists Stated, well most of them.

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" people like you always look

" people like you always look into the negative side of religion instead of the positives"

The problem I have with this argument, is that it implies that the good religion does is worth the cost of the bad that religion does. Now assuming that the good outweighs the bad (else this argument would be wrong axiomatically), this argument makes the error of implying that the good being done is only possible because of religion. In actuality, the good that religion does (charity, helping others, etc) would all be possible without religion, and thus the good things being done could still be achieved while also avoiding all the bad that comes with religion. To focus on the good religion does as justification for dealing with the bad religion does, is like justifying the killing of 1 homeless person with the fact you clothed and fed 10 homeless people, and ignoring the fact that those 10 homeless people could still be fed and clothed without the need to kill anyone.

In a nutshell, it is absurd to imply that we should deal with the bad that X does because of the good that X does, while ignoring the fact that the good could still exist without X. I'm curious if those who assert all the good that religion does, would deny this fact in defense of religion and actually imply that without religion they would never do good and help others?

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