How I see religion... It's no different than chainmail.

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How I see religion... It's no different than chainmail.

"REPOST OR DIE AT 4 AM" is a common thing everybody sees all over the internet now. The point of the post is for somebody to try and get people to give in and believe that whatever the posts says is the truth. If you don't do as it says, you will be very unlucky or die. However, if you DO do what it says, apparently you will become rich, find your true love, etc. Is it really any different than religion? If you accept, believe and worship a God, you will have wonderful things come to you and you will go to heaven (this is equivalent to the repost and have good things happen to you. However, if you do not believe in God, you will burn for eternity in Hell (or in the case of chainmail, you will be unlucky or die). See how these things are so alike? Thoughts? Things to add?

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What do you have against

What do you have against chainmail? Or is this some pop culture reference I'm not getting?

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Reminds me of Popoff's

Reminds me of Popoff's ministry, but a little different approach than chain mail:

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