How life and earth exist?

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How life and earth exist?

I am not sure if this had been asked here already.
I just like to know what theories of creation or how life starts based on an Atheist view. If it is not through the creation of God, what could have started it all?


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According to scientific

According to scientific opinions, the big bang theory is one of the most relevant reasons why earth and universe existed. The evolution theory of particles and the capability of this planet to yield life is the scientific reason why life here exist.

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How God exist? I am not sure

How God exist? I am not sure if this has been asked yet, I just want to know how God came to be from a theist point of view. If not through the creation of humans what would have created God?

To answer your question though, in my opinion gravity creates pressure and attracts other things with gravitational pull, pressure creates heat, heat facilitates reaction, reactions facilitate life and sometimes small to large explosions. ranging form a small crackle or pop to larger ones like the big bang and possibly larger. Things seek balance and there are all sorts of things in nature created to help facilitate the effort toward achieving balance. Balance is unobtainable all life is a mechanism to help facilitate balance. as long as thing remain without balance life should continuously be created. Sort of like a reaction that takes place whenever conditions are right. gravity will continue to pull things together until there is a large enough reaction to counter gravity at which point things will hurtle through space and begin the process all over again. this actually happens all the time even on this planet, be it on a much smaller scale than I am talking about here.

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Exactly. As above, so below,

Exactly. As above, so below, and all that other jazz that the theists talk about without seeing the larger implications. It applies perfectly to the atomic levels on into the multiverse.

Just as natural forces fight for balance where there is none, the human mind also craves order and explanation where there is none. It's unfortunate :/

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I'm not sure, the big bang

I'm not sure, the big bang sounds like a good idea but I wasn't there so I usually tend to doubt things that I haven't seen with my own eyes. I know, it's not a good way to go through life, but it works for me.

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Doubt is healthy, it's how we

Doubt is healthy, it's how we come up with questions, and hopefully with a little bit of work find answers :) If we believed everything we were told but never saw for ourselves, we'd be living with a bunch of lies.

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that is the million dollar

that is the million dollar question that no one will ever be able to answer you. Good luck getting that answer.

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It is always nice to read

It is always nice to read honest answers cause ideas could lead to better understanding of certain things even though not exactly answering the question. :) You are right, it is a million dollar question that no one can give the exact answer since it's beyond human knowledge.

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We accept things all the time

We accept things all the time in day to day life that we didn't see. That's what you do when you watch the news, or are a member of a jury or you are programming a computer.

Science is the way we understand the world in order to make medicines and to be able to do surgery. Its how we make cars and electric lights in our homes. To do any of these things people have to look hard at how the world really is, not how they wish it to be. That is very difficult but many people succeed in doing it every day, and that is why we have mobile phones and enough food to feed most of humanity.

For over 150 years we have known quite well about how life came to be, how we came to be. Chemistry allows atoms to form in ways that can make copies of themselves. Copying mistakes and recombination lead to variations. We see that before us in our children. They are copies but they are varied. Over time successive generations are less and less like their ancestors. If a population is separated into isolated groups they vary in ways that make them more different to one another than their ancestors. Given enough generations and they become different species. Humans and Chimpanzees are two such groups that evolved in isolation from a common ancestor group.

The beginning of life, the first life, is less well understood. Scientists work on this by proposing ways that life could have formed in the world as it was 4 billion years ago. They create real experiments and study field evidence to verify or disprove their ideas.

The "Big Bang" is not about the "beginning of all reality". Its about what the evidence shows us about how the universe has changed from a very primitive, simple state over 15 billion years ago to the cosmos we see today. This science is incredibly accurate. How did all of reality begin? We have few plausible ideas and none are yet consider strong candidates. As scientists we don't make up conclusions to fill gaps, we just highlight the gaps and work on filling them in.

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For atheists, scientific

For atheists, scientific theories are more reliable than believing in any deity that we cannot see nor hear. I know that the revolutionary intelligence of man will lead him to more discoveries about the mysteries of the universe. It may not be that soon but humans will eventually know more things year after year. As for now, we have to live as moral as we should be and appreciate earth for cuddling different kind of life forms including us.

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