How mad is this world!!!

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How mad is this world!!!

Is everyone up to date on the craziness that took place in Connecticut, at the "World of Christianity" church?? Unbelievably, the parents and sister of an adult man tried to get him to confess to certain " sins," and guess what...BEAT HIM TO DEATH!!! Even more unbelievable, is that they are trying to defend themselves by saying that they were overcome by religious emotions, and God, that they couldn't stop themselves,a higher power made them do it. Of course, they were all arrested, but I don't know if the charges include murder. HOW SICK IS THIS!!! Look what is going on in Gaza...again...The Israeli's and the Palestinians are at it ...again. There was a " Day of Rage" yesterday. Apparently, the Palestinians firebombed a site revered by Jews as the tomb of biblical Joseph, who is supposed to be the son on Jacob. ( forgive me, but WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE!!??) Stabbings, bombs, shootings..... OVER WHAT!!! It's all about territory, and how the Biblical Scriptures are interpreted. People are, and have been,slaughtered over things for which IS NO VERIFIABLE, LOGICAL EVIDENCE OF ANY KIND, FOREVER!!! Just going on their "beliefs."Murders are being committed everyday for things that any logic, and common sense, will tell ANY reasonable person, NEVER EVEN EXISTED!!! Religion is the WORST EVIL there is on earth. It makes me insanely angry that people STILL insist that this nonsense is necessary in their lives. How about ditching all of this shit, and just living in peace, and getting along with people, and showing some compassion for human beings. People have more compassion for their animals, than they do for people. I just can't stand it!! PS: GOD TELLS YOU NOT TO KILL...WHY DOSEN'T ANYONE LISTEN!!!???

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