How Much Longer Will the Gods of Today last?

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How Much Longer Will the Gods of Today last?

I saw a "God Graveyard" on Tumblr today and it really made me think. In it were many of the worlds gods that have come and gone including Zeus, Poseidon and Freya. It had mock headstones with their explanation and the years of their reign. I wonder if any of the gods of today will slowly begin to fade away until they are completely gone in the next 1,000 years. What do you think?

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I personally think the Gods

I personally think the Gods will outlive the nations. You should pick up and read American Gods by Neil Giaman if you haven't already great book.

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Awesome book, actually. Much

Awesome book, actually. Much better than the follow up, Anansi Boys.

Neil Gaiman is one of my favorites... I'm a third into Unnatural Creatures right now.

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With the power of religions

With the power of religions all over the world, I don't thunk these gods will end that soon. Every day thousand of new born babies are baptized under different religions and millions of children are being teach about religions everyday. What can we expect on the future generations?

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