How your religion appears to non-believers

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How your religion appears to non-believers

I share this in hope that it might help a theist understand our disposition a little better.

.. If anyone has a religious forum to recommend me I would appreciate it, I would very much like to present this :)

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Thought provoking i hope it

Thought provoking i hope it helps im so sick of theists repeating lies they were told about atheism as if they were fact.

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A slightly different approach

A slightly different approach to the same concept...

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Haa! A funny one! So true

Haa! A funny one! So true though init.. If a theist understands these videos, which isn't hard to do, then surely they could understand why we don't believe?
.. Or maybe I am a dreamer!

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Hahahahaha....thanks Spewer!

Hahahahaha....thanks Spewer!

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:D LOL, yeah I think that

:D LOL, yeah I think that video more accurately parodies how religion appears to non believers.

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I Loved it!

I Loved it!
but for me theists appear even worse then that.
It lacks the part where it shouts in your face that god is the most evil being imaginable and they thing he is the good guy in their sick story.

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To answer the title of the

To answer the title of the thread, I feel really terrible for believing Christianity fro all those past years. Now, I can't imagine how I was able to be too religious when I was younger because when feel so silly every time I look behind all those religious days of my life.

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