Hydrothermal Vents May be Source of Abiogenesis (Origin of Life)

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Hydrothermal Vents May be Source of Abiogenesis (Origin of Life)

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@Kataclismic: February 5,

@Kataclismic: February 5, 2008
In fact I have mentioned it several times in the threads. There are about 8 different competing theories but abiogenisis is currently the best. I think it is closely followed by panspermia. Some others are "beneath the ice, electric shock, REN world, Life from clay, and the newest theory on the scene is the "remodeling of atoms. - a version of electric shock."

08 NOVEMBER 2017

In short --- we still don't know. The next theory could take us back to ocean vents. Who knows. It is a fascinating area of inquiry and hopefully the scientists are making progress.

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