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If you are talking about

If you are talking about inserting one in a reply...

1) Make a reply.
2) Underneath the reply text box, the one you type into, you should see the question: Attach Image/Video?
3) Underneath that is a dropdown box with "- None -" inside it. Click the little down arrow and choose yes.
4) There now should be a button titled Browse..., click it.
5) This open a file dialogue window where you can browse your system unit to the image/video file you wish to attach.
6) When you find the image/video file, double-click it and you should return here. You should now see the image/video filename between the Browse... and Upload button.
7) Click the Upload button to upload it to the AR server system. You should now see the image/video filename change into a link once it is uploaded.
8) Answer the Math Question *, then click Save.
9) You should now see your new post with the image attached. With this reply, you should see an image that shows the comparitive sizes of the Earth, Luna, and a sphere containing ALL water on Earth.

BTW: Luna is the official name of our moon, not The Moon.

Hope this helps.



Attach Image/Video?: 

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Now for how to upload images

Now for how to upload images to imgur and attach them here.

1) go to https://imgur.com/.
2) in the upper right corner, click the "Sign Up" button and create an account.
3) once signed in, in upper right corner, click your username, then choose "images".
4) if you don't have any, simply click the Add Images button. This opens a popup window where you can either Drag the files to the indicated area or Browse. Browse opens a file dialogue box. Navigate to the image(s)/video(s) you wish to upload.
5) You can multi-select files using the standard Windows File Explorer method of Shift+Click or multiple Ctrl+Click.
6) Once file(s) are selected, click the Open button and they will be uploaded. It may take a while depending upon how many you are uploading.
7) Select the image you wish to attach inside a reply here at AR.
8) you should see multiple methods for linking to the image to the right. Select the Direct Link version by clicking the Copy button. This copies the URL into the system's Clipboard.
9) Go to your AR reply and put the cursor where you wish to insert the URL. Then hit Ctrl+V to paste it. AR forums will automatically format the URL as a link for you, such as for this image: https://i.imgur.com/mDplGhl.jpg
10) However, if you wish for different link text, simply put the "text" where you wish, then surround that text with the HTML anchor tag such as (hope this works): Kaiju Comparison Chart and would look like this in the reply text box:

<a href="https://i.imgur.com/mDplGhl.jpg">Kaiju Comparison Chart</a>.

If this doesn't work, then refer to this post. The anchor tags are the very first entry.

11) In both instances above, you should have links that link to the image I have at imgur.

Hope this helps.


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Well... I don't know how to

Well... I don't know how to get the URL part to NOT format as a link. But it does show how to type it in the reply box.


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frigggggijng pissseses meeee

frigggggijng pissseses meeee oofffff so frigggggign easy!!!

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@Cognostic, one last piece of

@Cognostic, one last piece of advice: when you try to attach a picture to a post, you'll be always asked twice the Math question.

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You sure? I am only ever asked once.

Or, am I wrong?


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yeah..i had the same problem

yeah..i had the same problem flam..then i just got figured it out later on..

good thing its just addition...it'll be hard for me if it's other than that....hhmmmm

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For me It would be hard too,

For me it would be hard too, Quasi, haha.

@Arakish, it happens to me all the time...

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"Don't know what to say. Either method of image attachment, I am only ever asked the Math Question just once."

**branches hang low**


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Yes, you should hang your branches low, because that's positive tree discrimination, that is. I'm always asked twice, too.

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Ain't you a mod? I do not understand. When I attach an image, I am only asked the CAPTCHA Math Question only once.

As said, at a loss for words.


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@Arakish... It should be

@Arakish... It should be quite the opposite. Those of us who are suspicious of being bots are asked twice... Those of you who look like humans (or trees I guess), only one.

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MATH? MATH? I gotta know

MATH? MATH? I gotta know math? _)(&)(*^*)&^)(&_*&( I hate having to take off my shoes and count on my toes at the coffee shop. It's embarrassing.


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