I’m back! Sorry for being gone since April

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I’m back! Sorry for being gone since April

I really enjoyed my time on here but life rushes you and things get set aside. Anyway, I’m super glad to be back and reading all of the debates! I want to take a moment to apologize, as I was re-reading site info, I was reminded of the serious ostracizing that happens to those who don’t believe what others do from FAMILY. Something I haven’t had to experience myself. I’m really sorry how alone they tried (emphasis on tried) to make you all feel. I’m sure a lot of you share similar if not exact experiences. Obviously that crap is what’s destructive. Not you all. Sorry guys.

I had some good conversations going the last time I was here. But I see a lot of the same people still active, which is nice!

Since then, I’ve been thinking of debates that might actually be provoking. Not the usual stuff either! Before I post my next debate question, feel free to AMA to tie up loose ends if I left them!

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Welcome back Maddie...I look

Welcome back Maddie...I look forward to reading your comments again!

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Ah, someone new for me to say

Ah, someone new for me to say "hello" to. As I arrived in the middle of your hiatus.

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@Maddie: Why is that dog

@Maddie: Why is that dog getting high?

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Welcome back Maddie. I hope

Welcome back Maddie. I hope we have many productive and respectful exchanges of opinion.

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