I like the Pope--I am sorry -I don't like the Pope anymore

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I like the Pope--I am sorry -I don't like the Pope anymore

I "wrote" a post about how I like the Pope because he seemed so genuinely caring, liberal, inspiring and progressive (for a Pope).
Nobody responded to my post and that was not a surprise as mostly my intelligent and perceptive comments are ignored. It turns out the Pope met with Kim Davis that fucking retard mother fucking asshole who would not give marriage licenses to homosexuals. The Pope met with that fuck face and told her to be strong in her "struggle" against marrying homosexuals.. I am sorry for being deceived that the Pope was more than he is and I was fooled by his "kind" face, white robe and gentle manner. I don't like the Pope anymore--God Bless

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yea that bummed me out

yea that bummed me out

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