I was wrong!

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I was wrong!

Just watched stephen hawkins did god create the universe. Turns out you CAN prove that no god created the universe.
Im big enough to admit when im wrong so i was wrong.
No god created the universe there was no time for it to act.
Plus due to the laws of nature had god existed there would have to be a negative version of it. Thats not satan if you notice god created satan according to the bible.
We discovered the proof of the big bang the negative energy created by it is what space is full of.
Watch the film he explains better than i.
Looks like im now a godless heathen.

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The key to the big bang is

The key to the big bang is how you think. Weve proved on the subatomic level matter can be created. Well the thing is when the universe was created it was subatomic. On the subatomic level you can get something from nothing.
It was so small and compact it acted like a black hole thats why there was no time.

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Watch it he did conclude.

Watch it he did conclude.

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In fact a clip of the last 5

In fact a clip of the last 5 min him concluding there is no god became quite famous.

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I'm no scientist either, but

I'm no scientist either, but enjoy mindfucking myself from time to time :)
.. did you know of the big silence theory? Basically, since the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate, it's logical to assume it isn't blowing out, but being pulled apart. Like the pulling of magnetic attraction, like gravity, you're just gunna get faster and faster till you hit.. This would mean there was no big bang, but a very gentle, silent beginning.. but yea, I'm no scientist so probably explained that horrendously!

Lmale, you need to take some time off the topic of atheism I think, it seem like you really bog yourself down with it. I want the next thing I read from you to be bursting with positivity!

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I am not familiar with that

I am not familiar with that one but i am going to check it out... thanks for the tip off Dan........ I have looked at the Big Bang expanding out until it is fully expanded then comes back in on itself in a BIG Crunch.... back to Singularity. Just like one LONG cosmic Breath.... which i guess the logic is that another Big Bang (exhale) and Big Crunch (Inhale) and it repeats Ad infinum......

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Yea I've read a bit on that

Yea I've read a bit on that too :) it amazes me.. Some theorists wonder if when/if it does come back on itself, time would be in reverse too, and everything would happen backwards till the beginning.. or end.. eeerrm I have headache!

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I have put some thought

I have put some thought toward that("Some theorists wonder if when/if it does come back on itself, time would be in reverse too, and everything would happen backwards till the beginning.")and concluded no it would not. I strongly feel time would stop and reverse as things spiraled inward.

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ohhhh I never thought about

ohhhh I never thought about that part..... like if you take a record and spin it in the opposite direction... or rewind a video tape on normal speed...... LOL..... I hope thats not True....... there are a few things in my life i would rather just forget about and not have To relive..... OHHH there is another wild thought.... What if..... after that first cosmic breath..... and another Big Bang and Big Crunch everything was exactly the same again forward and backward........ Kinda like one Huge Cosmic Ground Hog day.......

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I heard a scientist (sorry

I heard a scientist (sorry cant remember who or what documentary) say he dosent think this is the first universe the big bang crunch had happened already.
I found it interesting because how would be be able to find out. Everything in the previous one would have had to happen outside of this one so no leftover energy or matter to look for.

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... Stephen Hawking is often

... Stephen Hawking is often wrong, and he actually prides himself on that fact and has lost some very famous bets. I'm not a theist, but Stephen Hawking will be the first to admit that just because he proved it doesn't mean it's right.

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He does make the news

He does make the news regularly with his losing bets. At least he A. admits he was wrong. and B. pays up!

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Stephen Hawking is the most

Stephen Hawking is the most over rated idiot I have ever seen.
Im an atheist and I can say that he has mental issues.
Incredibly arrogant on most subjects and let his bias get the better of him too.

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He is really overrated and I

He is really overrated and I cringe when I see people talking about him like he is infallible physicist or number one authority when it comes to physics or cosmology. But all that being said, he is smart and he was always pretty smart even before his body failed him and to say the least he is an authority figure when it comes physics or cosmology.

One of the best things brilliant minds share is the ability to take risk, to be wrong and make mistakes.

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Hey guys seen this?

Hey guys seen this?
'Scientist Craig Venter creates life for first time in laboratory'
Thought xna was good this is better an actual living bacteria man made. Ofcourse did not take ling for someone to say those annoying words: playing god :(


Oh by the way ive got a meeting with asda next month about two of my designs and just made contact with a potential business partner wish me success. (Dont believe in luck lol).

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