Idiot with Brexit questions

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Idiot with Brexit questions

Forums have been kind of slow, and I thought I'd take this opportunity to ask more Brexit questions!

I was reading some old statements about Brexit by the then prime minister May. She said she wanted a red, white and blue Brexit. At first I thought that might be some kind of reference to the United States; but now I'm not so sure. Could anyone explain what that means?

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Article about it here:

Article about it here:

" the prime minister has a new slogan - “a red, white and blue Brexit”.

The remark made during May’s visit to the Gulf is a veiled retort at so-called “grey Brexit”, a phrase used to describe a deal reportedly favoured by the chancellor, Philip Hammond, and the Brexit secretary, David Davis: leaving the single market with Canada-style bespoke access to parts of the free trade zone, and limits on immigration apart from for skilled migrants in specific sectors.

Such a compromise is midway between a “black Brexit”, a cliff-edge scenario for businesses and financial services in which the government left the article 50 talks without a future deal with the EU, and a “white Brexit”, which would see the UK attempt to remain in the single market.

May dismissed any suggestion that the government was using such language. “I’m interested in all these terms that have been identified – hard Brexit, soft Brexit, black Brexit, white Brexit, grey Brexit – and actually what we should be looking for is a red, white and blue Brexit,” she told reporters during her two-day trip to the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) in Bahrain."

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@ Nyar

@ Nyar

Its a reference to the colours of the Union Flag...the original RWB....

Sadly has been bought out by the "patriots" of all silly persuasion in the anglosphere...and of course accident of colour.

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Ah, I think I get this part

Ah, I think I get this part now. Thanks for the background Sheldon; and thanks Old man shouts for that key piece I was also missing (the reference to the British flag).

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Sorry I should have pointed

Sorry I should have pointed out she (May) was referring to the Union Jack,or a deal that suits the UK in another words. It ll cam to naught anyway, her deal was rejected and she was forced to resign.

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The latest Brexit news from the BBC.

Brexit: EU agrees to Brexit delay, but no date yet

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Yes, it is indeed in

Yes, it is indeed in reference to the union jack flag.

It's still an absolute mess!

I spoke a while ago that the best way forward is to have a general election in order for one side or the other to form a majority government and either initiate Brexit properly or if the others get into power, to back out of brexit.

However, I actually believe that Labour, Lib Dems and other anti brexit parties genuinely fear the public will vote heavily for a conservative government.

If these parties like Labour, Lib Dems Cymru, SNP, Greens etc... really think the public has changed their minds and that the majority will vote against brexit, why not go straight to an election?!

It makes no sense.

Personally I am absolutely sick to death of brexit and no longer care what happens, and many are of a very similar thinking.

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It's crazy to base a decision

It's crazy to base a decision as far-reaching as BREXIT on a single referendum that was almost too close to call. The government should have spent much more time educating the public, and a BREXIT decision should have required at least a two-thirds majority, and possibly a confirmation plebiscite a year after the first vote.

As others have noted, "red, white, and blue" refers to the colors of the UK flag, which is actually a religious symbol combining several crosses. When Britain first joined what was then the Common Market, the government of the day blithely ignored the impact on those other red, white, and blue countries, Australia and New Zealand.

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Brexit will lead, inevitably

Hard Brexit will lead, inevitably to the final break up of the Union.

Johnson and his nasty thuggish cronies have a vision for a regulation free "Cayman's on the Thames" where they can recline in their country houses with a retinue of servants coining in the black money from EU money laundering scams, Nigerian scams and every other tin pot dictator and dodgy business in the world. That is their vision.

No NHS, (that will be sold off to the US) which will result in a nice culling of the population of elderly, very young and the vulnerable. There will be an exodus of youth from their little exodus of skills (that has been happening since the vote) . They wont get their fishing back...especially when Scotland gets to join the EU...they will become the pariah of europe.

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