If you knew a friend was going to kill himself

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If you knew a friend was going to kill himself

and you did your best to stop him, whose fault is his or her death? (You can include Faeries and God into this mix :) )

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Vincent No one is at fault

Vincent No one is at fault if someone kills himself. Even the person who kills himself is not at fault. Sometimes when suffering from a terminal painful disease death is a relief. I guess you might say the disease is at fault. A conscious decision to die when in horrible agony or just chronic discomfort that is unbearable could be the "right" choice. Depression many times can diminished or "cured" by medication. Sometimes medicine, psychotherapy, support by families and friends or even pray to God for help does not fix the depression. When "nothing" can help the pain of severe depression--death is also a relief. Suicide is not very nice. Death is not very nice.. Sometimes there is worse things than death.. God Bles

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