Illuminati,NWO,creation of life and future of mankind. Opinions?

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Illuminati,NWO,creation of life and future of mankind. Opinions?

“The infinity risen from out of water greeting with nature.
Nature bursts into wisdom. Wisdom leads to crafting.
The perfection of craft for a blind eye appeals as magic. Magic tends to trick.
Tricking follows into discord. Discords nature is the key of war.
War ends down with death. Death suggests of chaos.
Chaos's end is the beginning of order.
The representation of line with two points… Order and Chaos. The never ending cycle...”

Creavi ad perdendum

The author of the following statement has the bravery of being unknown to most circles of life. An eager of spreading a just and perfect vision of the world drove my inner being in pursue of truth. Five years of little to no researching, but own mind evaluating has rendered me capable of unfolding those mysteries to the ones that seek, which till now, have been kept secret as the grave. I've derived it knowledge at first from brainwashing media, puppets of those who know. As the zombie mind began to die off I became possessed of its effects; and on over the signs of Illuminati, found the door into deep dark ocean of desires to globalize this shattered world. Remarks on great plan, which exited my curiosity so far that I revolved on accomplishing my honest scheme, without going through the forms required by the society.
My regard for the present, and respect to the future, is the only inducement to this publication, which is intended not only to affect those who, perhaps, have been lately awaken, and still remain ignorant of the true foundation of the NWO. To become the followers of invisible order of Illuminati. An opportunity of judging for themselves as to the obligation and nature of the society are going to escape into, and to confider the advantages and disadvantages of the engagements by which they are bound. Such is the intention of this undertaking an important task of throwing the fattest gambit in the history of life and death.

Phaenomenon re silentium
The future they seek

Radiation accumulated nations with cancer riot. One in every five. There were many ready to lose themselves…
The green planet. Like an apple, it’s eventually turns into red and then after inky yellow in some time. 2070s. There was time when the planet has been covered in cities and life was pushing as a train. The planet was looking grayish of monotony. 2090s nearly new century, life turned into flaming red and even the telescope of far icy satellite of Europa would’ve see the fire.
Right after 90 percent of all mass destructive weapons were sent to Mars on 2096 a machine of sorrow began to swirl across the nations. The same year World War Three dropped its wheal of depleting death on December 26th. Many believed that it was the one, the thermonuclear. The truly to be “war to end all wars”. Six years passed the war was finished in victory of neo communism party and resulted with groundbreaking 42 percent of humanity slaughtered in the process. 2120s…Mini World War four as many called was sponsored by last standing religious men propagandized to be the plague of anarchy from across the globe, they were stomped by the ruthless agenda, the logic in just two years. The utopia of believing in something great after death was killed by unstoppable science. Since then it was all about now, your sweat, your tears, your work, your every second beating heart no time to pray, its illogical elite suggested as many much bigger things with it. There were still lands where certain religion group could live in peace and prosperity, but they were rejected from the great fraction.
Due to economic crisis the world began to divide into old, settled capitalism and neo communism increasingly pushed by youth and uprising societies. Cold elitism with the limit against the free will without exit. . Cyborg future began to rise in minds of many after multiple scientific discoveries with genetically modified organs and half organic electronics. The new reforms were pushed through parliaments of continents. Religions were faded by order and science. Countries spared their history and culture on slope of internet while eventually becoming into single globalized corporation: simply called “The Earth”. The technology eventually advanced to the final stage when humans could transform their usual brain into computer, swapping their right eyeball with AI information filter. . It was pc installed directly into the mind with extra tweaks to turn into potential hard worker anyone who carries it. Plus it gave obvious advantages as well connection with lots of unusual for human body applications. Alarm, Internet, games and etc. At the age of eighteen every single inhabitant of Earth was supposed to lay on surgeons table to spare the system. After each of their move being recorded, their life began a part of 100 points cycle. Merely speaking each positive and logical effect on humanity and the planet was resulted with extra point. An invention if it was in ranks of genius may send the owner to 50 points up. On the final mark the 100 points meant a continuation of family tree for its individual. A man or woman with 100 points would've done such operation with its half that was above 50 points. The murder of human will make the obtaining reduced to 0.1 for each point and of cause jail didn’t disappear. People still had the free will to spend entire life in block two by two. The humanity was finally assorted right, thanks to technology. Recycled cities were changed with next gen technologies of pure customization in all types of products. China, Russia and USA closed all factories and then reopened many by one name, reducing human industrial activity to minimum. Later everyone agreed to proceed in same pace, putting advertisement into the grave. Even so the world was communist like, advancing to perfect the race, the cloths were blue or graffiti like, the electric cars were changing color and form on the run. Only thing was it all happened by seeing world from integrated right filter-eye. Things were gray everyone agreed, but the future since was brighter than ever...

“Illuminate your foes by creating chaos, play both sides, control all. Sacrifice the present for the sake of future. And you will succeed, those who got nothing to follow, open your eye and see the truth before life becomes harsh and full of pain. Faith controls and creates wars. Stop it and there wont be any more.” Illuminati

Each second there are more negative things humankind does then good and if we will think mathematically about it that means that once everything will end, pretty soon. Our moves are changing the physical nucleus of the reality as also recreating the chaos. Nonphysical life is our final destination to save the species...
There's an undertone in everything around you, unknown reader. Tone of possibilities in each move I can do in the next second. Casual moments could have played in different styles under particular circumstances causing me to think of many dimensions being born around us.
Here is the truth. Just like that. No church, no invitation, no paychecks and scam. No brainwashing for rich and few to get the same result... Youth will do much harder, faster, stronger and better.

The origin came from nothing. In the world of nothing there was a simple element that was missing, as it was causing significant changes into everything.
In the world of nothing, there were no rules upon anything of it nothingness. Therefore without the rule, you create new elements, because there’s nothing for it to stop.
Something created the challenge that made new worlds of different colors with crazy structural levels.
Infinity caused rules...
The rules cause challenge. Challenge cause variety as also scars upon it. Variety is continuing the infinity as scars causes the chaos. Chaos destroys or brings the rules while also the challenge gaining or losing an enormous amount of possible variety and this keeps on going without time limits. Chaos doesn't let things to unite themselves too long so it will never fill the infinity.
We are the fighting for the immortality sort of variety as also for infinity, but if we fall into chaos then we will lose rules and we would intoxicate with darkness. It's all about chance.
When the mankind will gain an absolute access over everything they ever could then we will have a possibility to create worlds in virtual realities causing new dimensions, but it got to be a perfection level that we could calculate anything so right to live for infinity time inside of the organic system, somewhere where any desires are possible immediately.

Our lifes represent a passage of choice. It's got two perpendicular endings. The circle of life and death could portray the unity at the same time the zero. Happy ending and the darkish end. The complex system of living points out on how our society works. Imagine a broken mirror in the shadow of the room. As you can see it got black details connected to white and grey. White expresses all the possible scientific discoveries of future that could be led to our saving. Black is the struggle of the past that helps us to learn on mistakes of others. Dark, white grey areas are the pentacle of this picture. It’s the mystery, the missing elements that must be found before failure or victory, but their something else sacred. Therese invisible lines that could connect the other elements across major pieces of this jigsaw. This means that's the passage of primal success will never be that easy to accomplish without using any means necessary, whether its structures of past or present. So therefore the name of the b0ok that will serve as Illuminati's mindset is The Sleeping Scars. It represents those invisible lines for the world to find and understand. It must be vague... It meant to create different thoughts upon the ultimate questions, while silently pushes correct answers in the waves of spree. What's free will compared to future with triple dots? What's the solution of ego affecting the world in every kind of human industry? Many of other answers will be found in my b0ok, but the understanding of those words in proper is the main game's point. I’m not here to make you think vague, but just to think above the usual human morals. Over intelligent aliens would've fun reading this extrapolated saga because they went through this problem billions of years ago. What about you? Would you have fun to see the immortalized future before it ends and then manage to end the past before the world itself? The world required it to be dissented from its future, hiding behind the past cause of understandable development... It's time for an unknown to coordinate the jurisdictions of what’s right and wrong. It's time for people to stand by its own rights. I'll show humanity what’s a utopian society really is and how it will highly improve after time. As well as not that utopian society, but quite an opposite. As I call it in the theory as the almost perfect, the final and failed traces of experiences aka by this weathered pages of the script-dimensions.

Let me give you a taste of what Sleeping Scars is going to be on one of its five dimensions.

The Negativus


An empty looking planet was glistering far in the deep of space across giant Jupiter. Someone inside was chanting solemn burble. Low tones of undiscovered world were whispering the unlimited triumph to their ruler…
There in the depth of mixed structures was steel golem in female form that looked surrealistic compare to any ghost of light and onyx as also reeked with its alien appearance for this reality. Its sharp outline contour was pushing with its greatness towards any of her creations. Eyes were turning dark with sparkles purple when she was silent, thinking or green with flames of flash when she was speaking. The most unusual colors of her eyes were red and silvery. Bloody spheres were shown limitedly at the times when she was wishing of something that was new. For a god, wishes were like unseen dreams. Wishing was just so fast, so spontaneous that she could have just seized it in her mind for just short period. Once there is a master that comes in and creates it in new reality. One day there is this once that changes anything into everything. Eh, how confused was she billions years ago and how bored since. Different numbers and they are everywhere. They came and never going to leave…
Presently, how about to create a world that doesn’t have numbers? Would the master be lost with it?
She looked at the Negativus. Then she turned her eyes onto the mirror particles of platform that blew her vicious stare into its own. The purple fire slept inside of her pupils and then spurted with scarlet agony of visual enthusiasm. It was actually unique…
The goddess smiled with blend set of teeth. Her cold steel nose like sword was fumbling into upper lips. The crown that resembled her status was spiked stiff out of her metallic hair.
At first when I began to settle the new life inside, there was just a core warming surroundings and raising a tremendous pasture for my creativity. My unlimited force sliced the burning orb into two equal pieces. I took one to be kept in time of war as my primary weapon against unknown owners of the cosmos. The other I left to rotate in time to bring something like day and night for the world that I named as the Negativus.
Through the aegis, the heat from the center was creating a bright energy inside that eventually ramified to shadows of darkness under the turning hemisphere. The void of obsidian screen was so cold that a bubble in oceans size flipped out and covered the interior.
The dark was gathering free source of life and as a result, the shadows turned into individual souls. Some of them then moved towards the light, while others decided to remain in chaotic places of birth. These two oppositions began to create the city around the half-orb in the rules of my word. They were almost immortal only, because of inability to survive on oppositions sector. That's why they all must run… I enjoy my observing over the onyx undulationers running circles as the light changes the position of shine. I was also happy to see their progressive intellect in terms of communication skill as from cryptic symbols on the ground to the perfect plans of creating the greatest city in the universe. Their living habit was always on the move, so they lived in similar structured inhibitors.
The purpose of life of the DL* is to create worlds as to continue the infinity.
I won my world; I've got it to the perfection level... This means that everything what was physically possible to create and analyze has been done, and only the imagination is left for the continuation of the future.
Each time the DL is ready to create a new universe, the members of the planet come to me so I choose two masters to become into part-time demigods. Light is the meaning of creation, but without another color such as any darker there wouldn't be any single particle- just only a white list.
The rules of participating in the creation of the world are simple. The light undulationers must create a perfect race of beings, which will know all the possible knowledge of their universe to be able then to move into the stage of their immortality and ability to create anything they ever wanted. They got to catch the masters innovation of life before the innovation of death gets to finishing line. The onyx undulationers must to verify their strength in order to deserve the place under the gods. If the world doesn't stand into that category then the darkness destroys the creation of light. The ones that lost their world then forever will be turned onto dark side.
Completed worlds overlap the souls of those who got to the end, but do not get the memories of those who controlled over. One life in continues activating the new one.
This was all so simple since now on was to her like nothing.
Suddenly she saw the most unexpectedly thing for her always been victorious life. The flames of her eyes extinguished as if candles under sturdy breath to the stage of silver color. Those she used to hear the gods get, in the warning of incoming danger and… within there was something else… the death of somebody closed to her, probably the closest one was.
She was so power sensible that felt someone’s lasted beat of heart on the other end of universes.
The titan in the middle shuttered around and aloud.
“Today is the day when the one who could have protected me is dead in the sign that I got not much time until my fate will end up the same.” The god Alslantima whispered in last looking at her lovingly created world from the ladder of inner planet.
Maybe that's why someone innocent fell dead for me few hours ago. I got a feeling that it may be my last world to cover… This, maybe again...
“Let us begin...” Alslanti addressed to her right hand listener Plod-U-Pas. He was her slavery toy. His silhouette was too blurry to proper explain since he was always doing something for his highest master. Just some dusky strain on legs that was squeaking full of polite speeches and in split seconds notified with finished job.
“Yes, the queen...” Within low intonation replied a tiny ghost under the shadow of his owner and spread away.
Calling signal was out on every corner of full roof-covered streets of the Negativus. The new world was about to begin...
The place of infinity where the races could have faced each other was far in the top corner of the straight ceiling of half-orb, shinning with hallowed fire. The heat on that side wasn’t that bad, just only flames coming from the coal ground.
Light ones were grouping on the way up to there, while the onyx has been already around the platform of infinity. They had been always there up in the swimming pool that vertically rained small tears of water like it had low gravity. Pure darkness was the only mansion that was fleeing around the main city followed by washing rain.
Sedin, the master of evil was wearing a shadowy red-black heavy armor and a gold mask on half face with thorns on the top. His low-shaped square look was glowing blue over uncovered skin. His eyes were bleeding the shadowy rays mixed with spooky explosions of bright.
He set on an armchair in front of a new master of light named Zefijay. The old one lost his second world and been claimed to get overthrown into lower stages of organisms to fight his way back through mysteries and another billions of years. Zefijay was here before anyone else. His simple made glowing bronze toxically mask was directed towards the Sedin with his army. He was looking so boring that the expression of him was losing in cryptic words by flaming distinction.
Riot of excitement was from all sides. Right up the heads of masters somewhere the ruler of evil was glancing on his pawn Sedin.
“Please to present, the queen of the Negativus, Alslantima!” With a scream shouted Plod-U-Pas into the crowd of phantoms.
Everything fell into silence; only the cold steps began to grow louder towards the cobbled mantel with Sedin and Zefijay. The last step up of stairs from the firing angle of semi-circle was the beginning of her speech to the masters: “I would like to see a solution by you to feed the signs of perfection.” She pointed at Zefijay as she said that.
“You, stop him, but remember if the world is worth to be, so let it.”
Sedin only nod his head down as same as the light owner did.
From the beginning of a sharp claw of Alslanti a white sheet appeared and laid down across the paved table between two masters.
Zefijay was very nervous, this was his second world and the last one he deprived, while having an unshaken body with the sign of the calm comportment and readiness to face the devil itself.
The dark wizard was imposing fear deep into his eyes, trying to convince of the future failure, silently; even so the creator of realities got his mask on so the spooky force can’t harm his mind.
“You may start, now.” Plod-U-Pas whispered to the table and gone away, following the queen to the top of the hovering stairs that was rising up into the deep of the planet.
“I want to go to the surface, alone. You will be in charge for a while till I will fully investigate the murder of my creator. It's time for you to feel the responsibility that I’m carrying every nanosecond.” Alslantima hissed to him, as she pushed Pup with a finger over the last step away of outer line.
When she reached the illuminated surface of the polychromatic planet, the owner of the Negativus sprinted up with disappears by the flash.
The most intervening aspect of life for the ghosts was about to occur soon.
Sedin released his hand over the present from the queen and his fingers clotted melting away the charcoal liquid, which fell into the center of changing emanation. A big dot was circulating around, spreading rays of shadows mixed with the light. It all grew and finally began to emerge from the leaf.
Zefijay arched his force on the cluster of animated images and flashed huge lightning out of his noxious hand. The gap with floating inside paddling objects hexed into the space within stars and galaxies. That's what was left on the convention after a few minutes while the forceful power was creating the new beginning.
Two gods were vigorously ready to trigger their future characters into the story of life and death. The ones were still small behind their backs. Souls of many began to fly upwards into the deep void dwindling, as at the same time getting closer to their masters.
The world was created... The world in which intelligent beings- human race will live on the planet that they call as the Earth…

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Intelligent mind can create

Intelligent mind can create all kinds of innovations. Some good, some not so. As long as species evolve. There is a slight chance that somewhere far away from us an alien race has created a weapon so powerful it could pierce through dimensions. Distracting on its way. So yes, I do believe we can't be immortal in any form for eternity, as one day the reality of things will change and might never be the same. The cosmos is just a big giant circle of knowledge, you are a tiny mole of it. Each spot is shaped unlike any other as we cant step through reality at the carbon marking and time. But I think we can by pass even such omniscient obstacle.

Sometimes I fantasize about moving moons through wormhole technology.

I think in future we can get first Aurora to orbit the Mars, then Calisto on very far 100,000,000 km away (I thought stealing away the Ganymede will cause Jupiter to pull further to the Earth so I feel its kinda risky in this 200 years) + Calisto is easier to take away its huge but far from Jupiter, It got craters and probably tons of undiscovered metals. The surface of Callisto is the oldest and most heavily cratered in the whole solar system. It does not show any signatures of subsurface processes such as plate tectonics or volcanism, with no signs that geological activity in general has ever occurred, and is thought to have evolved predominantly under the influence of impacts. Prominent surface features include multi-ring structures, variously shaped impact craters, and chains of craters and associated scarps, ridges and deposits. At a small scale, the surface is varied and made up of small, sparkly frost deposits at the tips of high spots, surrounded by a low-lying, smooth blanket of dark material. Maybe contains enlarged,visible dark matter for discovery. Then its time for Saturn. So in my bo0k we already took care all over the Sat. and its 2210. So now that's where things gets complicated and I'll need some physics brain for real, but if I wanted to create a new cycle of planet between Jupiter and Mars. So we got Calisto-huge. And I want Saturn Titan somewhere near does it make a gravitational pull to each or one will become its moon. if so which one is likely to be? And also can we leave Calisto in space for like 15 years before we start to get Saturn moons materials. Will it drift away far or closer? sooo... Should I start taking small moons and put them as satellites of Calisto to orbit in order of b-s Lapetus, Rhea, Dione, Tethys finishing of with Enceladus. those moons are too small for Calisto but the amount... Its interesting will be with magnitude of object to all those moons and overall gravity Or should I just put Calisto way further and try to revive Titan by putting it around all those 5 moons. Should I use some of those moons on Mars? like smaller ones? And in what order is better, bigger, closer or further? Titan got some interesting qualities and with watery moons all around we can get into reviving, it all will melt if its near to Earth maybe between Mars-Earth. And we can create a real planet with Earth stable conditions. I know this is some crazy anatomic Frankenstein space program I got here, but I hope you are interested now even more. Maybe you can ask some of your ppl who are good in space physics. There like 10 main questions. I got a theory on dark matter, ( i think it contains the code of our dimension. It might contain further instructions on development our nation into Type3 Galactic state) Meteorites bring destroyed and undeveloped worlds, unsaved by their aliens into developing space systems as It collapses into Earth its brings the different and complex microbes across the planet. Creating life, so by my working scientific faith. The dark matter gods need to destroy the creating light matter gods creation aka Earth. If we will lose we wont go to hell we just shrink and shrink till we become out of the rules physics of this dimension, if only we wont leave a meteorite with our DNA to push us back into the gаme. Therefore if we win our light matter increases in the dimension creating lower chance of our history to fail its task to become gods ourselves. To continue the space, infinitival cycle of new dimensions. Much smaller for others, but good enough for us. (very deep future) So when you breath you can take billions of destroyed dimensions into your lungs and it'll be untouched, since its so small its out of our dimension. So if we become into gods of creating smaller worlds. Then next state, the most dangerous for us is creating the galaxies in physical forms bigger then ours, by that time we have to infuse our bodies with dark matter, which contains the code of contacting with our creators. It will give us the ability to increase the sizes of dimensions all across of us. It most probably will destroy our solar System, but that time we will fly at the speed of light and change shape, size, time and matter. (very, very deep future) So here's my plan. Seems like easy task, just needs to gain access to dark matter and we will own everything What are your thoughts about my theory?

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@ undulationer .....

@ undulationer .....

I note that you have posted your monograph on several rationalist / atheist discussion forums .....

Why ?

What is it you want ?

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Well long story short. If I

Well long story short. If I wanted publicity, I would've created some blog where I'll drop chapter by chapter, the glimpse of the manuscript. No, I'm too far from that. I'm stuck at the state where I cant go further into writing unless I'll see what people think on some of the main keys. Fact is, I'm not saying that this as you call monograph a real thought of a person. Could be a fictional tale, but could be someones thumping mind. As I noted I've been evaluating on some of the most important questions we humans ever tried to answer. Rather then going into depth of painful science, I tried to simplify hard yet still keeping a possible barrier of atheism. Our logical future and our beginning. The fat reference about Illuminati is due to absolute zero to little of positive tone towards an assumed long gone society. Well since most of atheists are believers of logic and cold calculations. I decided to share my characters thoughts through me and all around forums. As you read carefully, you'll discover there are some philosophical undertones in the debris of letters.
PS: I'm not native English speaker even worse that my parents are orthodox christian, that's why I cant get an editor to clean the mess. They are costly, since my ideas are pretty wide and hard to express... I'm not seeking appreciation, but critique. Only note one thing, I'm trying to wright the book in non human manner. Sadly for religious folks, my observations sometimes go above and "out of scale" of human morale. Therefore rational minds are needed to try and taste the unknown elixir of thoughts...

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@ Undulator,

@ Undulator,

Well, you could always talk to a novelist who can take your ideas, flesh them out with story line, add some characters and character development, and turn out a series of science fiction novels with you as joint author.

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@ Undulator ....

@ Undulator ....

Ok .. I think I understand ...

I applaud your ingenuity ..... and speaking only for myself ...

I find the idea of what you are trying to do appealing ....

However the ideas that you are trying to put across seem to me to be too complicated ,convoluted and esoteric for a first attempt.... I would suggest a simpler tale following ,perhaps only one of the themes you're examining...

But I must stress ...I am not a teacher , I am not a writer......

I am an engineer by trade ... so what do I know ?

any way.....take a look at these links and see what you think ....

they may suit your purpose a little more closely than we can....

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