Indonesia and Egypt, you two, again?

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Indonesia and Egypt, you two, again?

So I came across these news in my feed, these two links show us how much morally superior to us, and self-righteous, humble believers are.

Indonesia is going to criminalize a perfectly human behavior...

Religious tolerance is wonderful, isn't it?

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Everyone knows Indonesia is

Everyone knows Indonesia is more moral than any western Country. Why shouldn't they lead us into our moral future.

"Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim-majority country, but prides itself on being a tolerant nation with a diverse mix of ethnicities and religions. "

If more countries were like Indonesia, we would not even need the AR. We could eliminate the pedophile Catholic Church. Women could be women once again. And we could completely eliminate our prison system. Justice could be delivered quickly by trusted members of the state, right in the street. Social order will be restored and Indonesia will become a paradise on Earth. Someone has to take the first steps to straightening out this corrupt and sinful world. If the Christians can't do it, it falls on the Muzzies. Go Muzzies!!!

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The wife and I live in the

The wife and I live in the middle of The Bible Belt. Today we are going to the funeral home to purchase a cremation plan for her. (I purchased mine several years ago.) Since she is a Pagan Witch, she figures there will be plenty of people around here who would like to see her burn. Therefore, after leaving the funeral home, we have decided to go visit several local churches and sell tickets to her funeral (Date to be determined.) to help pay the expenses. As a bonus, I'm also thinking about selling raffle tickets that will be drawn on the day of the funeral to determine who gets to light the furnace.

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That's why I've always wanted

That's why I've always wanted to be buried at sea, so that anyone who hates me and wants to dance on my grave, will drown!


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By golly, Random, that is an

By golly, Random, that is an outstanding idea! Why didn't I think of that?

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If she promises to put

If she promises to put sparklers in her pockets, I will buy a ticket.

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@Cog Re: "If she promises to

@Cog Re: "If she promises to put sparklers in her pockets, I will buy a ticket."

LMAO... She told me to tell you, "Kiss my ass!" But I think it's a brilliant idea!... LMAO...

Oh, wait... Stand by... Disregard her initial reply. After thinking about it a minute, she changed her mind and is now considering taking your advise. She even mentioned she might suggest that her daughter do the same... lol...

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I am going to steal all the

I am going to steal all the ideas presented here for my funeral.

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I wonder how this new

I wonder how this new morality law will affect tourism on Bali. My first and last trip there was about 25 years ago. They have a Hindu majority, with a sizable Muslim minority, and lots of Australians/New Zealanders behaving badly. Under this new law the police will empowered to arrest anyone suspected of having sex out of wedlock. That sounds like a great recipe for a whole new tourist shakedown industry.

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I saw on the News that

I saw on the News that Thailand has passed a law banning the three finger salute from "The Hunger Games" ,which was being widely used in protests there. Apparently several people have been arrested for breaking this law. .

There is the letter of the law, and there is reality. When I lived in Malaysia, prostitution was illegal. The Prime Minister of Malaysia publicly stated that there were no prostitutes or brothels in Malaysia. -------meanwhile, as new arrivals, were given an orientation lecture . The lecture included a list of brothels considered safe. IE you would not be harmed or robbed. No guarantees about whether you would catch the clap.

Police in most SE Asian countries have always ben poorly paid. That means police corruption is the norm rather than the exception .

Imo anyone visiting a foreign country (including, US, Canada, UK, Australia,Europe) has a duty of care to be aware of local laws and customs. (EG don't tip in japan)

Once in a foreign country, don't break their laws, and never get drunk in public!

My dear old mum taught me; remember when you are in a foreign country you are guest. Make sure you always behave like one--and NEVER criticise a country to a local.

AS it turns out, Aussies have ONE simple rule, which applies universally; Don't be a cunt.

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