Intelligence doesn't matter but being kind does

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@ Michael: WOW! What a

@ Michael: WOW! What a bunch of unsubstantiated vomit-like utterances.

@ "Being intelligent does not matter but being kind does."
So here we all are, a bunch of human earthworms with no intelligence what so ever. We live in hole in the ground and survive by eating whatever happens to be rotting around us. We have no ability to communicate. One day the fellow next to me seems to be dying of starvation. I don't intelligently figure this out but because I have no intelligence but as a species we just take care of one another. So I vomit a chunk of dead rat in his direction and he gobbles it up gleefully. Now: How do we know the act was "kind"or even intentional? We need intelligence to look at the act and see that the little earthworms care about one another and so they are being kind. We can't call it care or kindness without intelligence. When the magpie breaks into the nest and begins gobbling up the neighbors, our little earthworms with no brains at all (no intelligence) feel nothing. They do nothing to rescue their missing comrades, hell, they don't even wave "Bye Bye." They are not intelligent enough. Asserting anyone can be kind without the rudiments of intelligence is just ignorance.

@ Not shaming others for their beliefs and make stupid claims.
Here we would agree. An ad hominem attack attack generally just makes the person doing the attacking look stupid. At the same time: attacking a stupid idea, pointing out the fallacy, and utterly destroying the sequence of illogical logic is exactly what people should do when they hear stupid claims. We should do it with our government, with TV commercials, with our teachers at university, and certainly with the Religious and their foolishness. If they take it personally, that is not my fault. They need to fall back, regroup, and come up with a better point of view// STUPIDITY DOES NOT GET A FREE PASS.

@" Life is meant to be valued."
And as long as we are on the topic of "STUPID IDEAS" where in the hell did you come up with this one? At what point in history have people valued life? Life is meant to feed on life. Life exists to use life. If you live, you are food for life. If you die, you are food for life. Life has no respect at all for life. Life only values life as a potential food source to perpetuate life. Perhaps you are trying to say something like "Human beings should try to value other human beings." For the most part this is a nice sentiment. Unfortunately, a whole lot depends on our culture. There are small children with knives in Somalia that would cut you down in the street for the shoes on your feet. Yes, It would be nice but saying "Life is MEANT to be valued" is just ignorant. Life has no meaning other than to perpetuate itself by consuming life.

@ "Everything living thing has a spirit."
I have no idea at all what you mean by this utterance. I had to go to the dictionary to find some forms of usage. "the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul."

The nonphysical part of a person. So what is a person? "1. a human being regarded as an individual."
Okay, so we know a person is a human being. These things are both physical and measurable. Both human beings and persons exist.

What is a non-physical part of a human being. Emotions are measured and when we put probes into the brain and electrify certain areas we can create emotions, memories, and even the feeling of God. So emotions are not non-physical. They are manifestations of the brain, connected to the brain, just as our voice is connected to our vocal chords. Our thoughts have a similar connection to our brain. Damage our brain and our thoughts are also damaged. The causal connection is clear, repeatable, and completely substantiated as FACT.

That leaves us with this idea of "spirit." What in the hell is that? Well, we know for a fact that it is nothing similar to thoughts, feelings, voice, sight, or any other manifestation of our physical being. All of these things can be tracked and measured, observed and affected by experimentation. We have no experiment what so ever to explain "spirit." As you have no defined it, nor provided any sort of evidence for its existence, are we simply to believe you or rely on Hitchen's Razor. "That which can be asserted without evidence, can be rejected without evidence. If you have any good evidence for this "SPIRIT" thing you are speaking of, please post it. I would really like to see it. (Or are you just making another ignorant assertion?)

(I have used the word ignorant several times now as that seems to be the case. This is not an ad hominim attack. I literally mean ignorant. You are using words and ideas with no idea at all what they mean. You are making wild assertions without ever having thought them through. It's as if you are simply making stuff up. That is by definition "ignorant. "lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.)

@ Everything is made for a reason.
This is getting boring. It's like stepping on defenseless hamsters that have been superglued to the floor. You are so intellectually ignorant that it feel cruel to point out the errors. It's like disagreeing with a three year old child. Instead of pointing out, yet again, the absolute ignorance of the comment "Everything is made for a reason." Why don't you think about it for a bit and see if you can't come up with something better. If you think you know the reason, please let us all in on the big secret.

@ Life is no accident. (Agreed) What's your point? It took a whole lot of very specific chemical reactions to get us to where we are today. No accident at all. That's why EVOLUTION is a science that can be studied, predicted, duplicated, and understood.

@ Atheism is not based on factual evidence. (Correct again.) Atheism does not need factual evidence. Factual evidence for what? Atheism makes no claims. What claims do you imagine Atheists are making? Atheism is a response to a single proposition: "God exists." Atheists do not believe this claim. The burden of proof for the claim is on the people making the claim. It is the RELIGIOUS who must present the evidence. Atheists are simply reserving belief until that evidence is presented. So what have you got? Or did you just make another ignorant claim. Atheism is not a belief system. It has no dogma, no rules, no beliefs. What in the hell do you imagine atheists need evidence for?

@"A world where magic exists and where anything is possible for me is more purposeful than just learning how much humanity has fucked up and "evolved" into empty organs with bones."

Yes, I think we have all figured that out by this time. You live in a fantasy world and you do not want to leave it. That makes perfect sense in light of all else you have said. In fact, you are well on your way to becoming the president of that magical land as far as I can tell.

@ Reproduction doesn't matter. Humans are over-populated so we do not need to say life is just about being born.

Do you not understand that this comment is completely unintelligible? Reproduction does not matter. Life is not about being born. Humans are overpopulating the earth. Okay. Personally, I like reproduction. I practice it as often as I can. It matters to me. NEXT: Life is not about being born. Well, it kinda is., As mentioned before, life feeds on life. Without life being born, there would be no food for life to survive. Life perpetuates life through the act of being born. It's kinda important. LAST: Humans are overpopulating the earth. I agree with you on this one but the solution is either horrible, eliminate some of the population, or impossible, open colonies on Mars. It's a problem that human beings on this planet are going to face head on at some point. Got any solutions?

@"Intelligent design doesn't come from chance, it comes from a unknown source that people do not know." I'm sorry. Let's say I flip a coin five times and it comes up heads five times in a row. How did that happen. Well it came from an unknown source that we do not know, chance. Pure Chance is an unknown source that we do not know. Admittedly we can predict outcomes based on chance but we can never actually know an individual outcome specifically. It is unknown and that is what chance means. All you have said is that "Intelligent design does not come from CHANCE, it comes from CHANCE." Before you can say anything at all about anything called intelligent design, you have to demonstrate this thing called intelligent design to be true. Please post your research into this subject for critical analysis.

@ I would rather live in a fantasy world than live in a world filled with nothing but empty husks that have no reason to live.

Yes, we have already conceded this point. You like fantasy.

@ Atheists hate creativity.
Please explain that comment to - (George Carlin, Comedian) ( Dan Barker, ex-minister, jazz pianist, composer, and the Host of Free Thought Radio) (Paul Zachary Myers, Professor of Biology at the University of Minnesota, and outspoken atheist.) (James Randi, Magician, Myth Buster, Entertainer, and always a gentleman. He is a TV personality, and prolific author. Outspoken atheist and critic of religion) ( (Michael Shermer - Adjunct Professor at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California, as well as a journalist, prolific author, TV personality, and cycling enthusiast.) (Ayaan Hirsi Ali, vocal critic of Islam, is a feminist and atheist activist, author, and Fellow of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) in Washington, DC. ) (Woody Allen, stand-up comedian, is a playwright, jazz clarinetist, and world-renowned filmmaker. ) (Ian McEwan, considered by many to be one of the finest novelists of his generation in the U.K.) (Philip Roth, Acclaimed author of over 30 books. Considered by many to be America’s greatest living novelist.) (Steven Pinker, Pinker is a psychologist, linguist, and bestselling author. Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. He is best known for advancing the “language instinct” hypothesis.) (Christopher Hitchens, journalist, essayist, autobiographer, world-class debater, blogger, and one of the “Four Horsemen” of the New Atheist movement.) ........ Just another wild unsubstantiated assertion.

@They prefer to believe what they think is "real" and say anyone who believes otherwise are "ignorant".
We did this one already. Atheists do not have beliefs. It is not a belief system. No dogma, no rules, no beliefs. Atheism is no belief in the proposition that a god exists.

Sorry I am out of time now. I am off to lunch with a friend. A "CHRISTIAN FRIEND" by the way. Have a nice day,

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@Michael, And I am one those


EXCELLENT: Ignorance is the beginning of knowledge. We all have to start someplace. So, what do you want and how do you begin the journey?

You might want to slow down. Instead of posting a plethora of garbage, try one statement at a time. Step by step. Get a reaction to that, ask questions about that specifically and do not move on to the next bit of information until you have a clear understanding of the first bit of information.

I suggest you begin with this "Spirit" idea you have. It is an empty, meaningless term that actually means "I don't know." That is all it means. It is a placeholder for information that we do not know and currently can not know. There is wisdom in the words "I just don't know/." and foolishness in pretending to know that which we do not. BEGIN - there is a journey before you.

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@ Algebe: Ha ha ha ,,, I am

@ Algebe: Ha ha ha ,,, I am sending in my sample as we speak. I get tested every year.

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What about Uri Geller he has

What about Uri Geller he has proven magic is real he can bend spoons and no-one has proven how it is done. I write this sarcastically

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Is he still whininh to

Is he still whining to atheists that their lack of belief is causing him to be miserable?

I have to admit I have lost all patience with his trolling histrionics. Ffs if he wants people to validate his beliefs he can go to just about any church, or a religious forum. It's like he thinks he can guilt people into sharing his beliefs, of course guilt is a major weapon in the religious arsenal and always has been.

I find it quite nauseating.

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Re: "Is he still whining to atheists that their lack of belief is causing him to be miserable?"

I thought you were talking about Uri Geller for a minute there. I was about to say "No! No! He didn't say said atheists were making him miserable, he said they were making his powers fail during the Million Dollar Challenge."

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I agree that being kind is

I agree that being kind is more important to society than intelligence alone. But that would be purely a subjective view.

The Abrahamic god has often been said to be the most cruel individual in all fiction - and of course, many millions of people actually believe this being exists and is a kind being. But scripture is full of verses that says otherwise.

Michael, if you read this: each person is an individual of inherent worth. You should not think otherwise simply because you are unhappy. I suggest you see a doctor to help you get better - it is astonishing how thin the line is between what makes a person sad compared to what makes them happy. Do not think there is some insurmountable gulf or that your problems are uniquely your own.

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No it does not take

No it does not take intelligence to be kind. It only takes kindness.


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No it does not take

Edit: Removed second post because the server went phfft!


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One can be both kind and

One can be both kind and intelligent I imagine, plodding duffer that I am it's still hard to imagine they're mutually exclusive.


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