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Since I did this backwards and posted a thing before my introduction I'll just give a short intro.

Hi my name is Conner and I recently (two years ago) decided to be an atheist. So far no one has given me shit for it *minus my grandmother who I love to debate with. I love you guys and your posts, and I can't wait to contribute to helping other humanoids. Any questions feel free to ask and If you want to talk about anything let me know I enjoy helping people deal with problems.

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Welcome :)

Welcome :)

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Conner- Welcome to Atheist

Conner- Welcome to Atheist Republic. There are a few things you need to know before becoming excepted to this forum. There is a short initiation process for all new members. Don't be afraid most people manage to complete the initiation unharmed. Although we did have one fatality in 2009. The first "test" is a true false or short answer exam. There are 10 questions and you need to get 8 right to be excepted into our "elite" secret club.
1. When Moses went up to the mountain to get the 10 commandments from God was God disguised as a burning bush
2. When Jesus was resurrected and came out of the tomb was he almost naked as he appeared after being crucified or did he have new white clean garments on.
3. How many virgins do Moslems receive in Heaven after becoming a martyred suicide bomber for Allah
4. Is it true or false that on Noahs arc baby dinosaurs were permitted on the arc to save room
5. Which "book" the Koran or the Bible condemns Homosexuality with greater penalty or severity ---This answer requires a brief response-feel free to elaborate.
6. Where in the 10 commandments is slavery prohibited. example-What commandment "thou shall not have slaves"
7. How many times a day is a Moslem supposed to pray to Allah---multiple choice a.1 b.3. c.6 d. 23 e. none of the above
8. What does God look like-Please describe a physical description--This requires at least 100 words so take your time and be specific.
9. Since Jesus was a Jew was his penis circumcised
10. Describe Hell and then heaven in 1000 words or less

Conner-Good Luck on the ten questions. If you get 8 correct you will enjoy membership into Atheist Republic. If you get 10 right -off to heaven you go. Get all 10 wrong and eternity in hell awaits you. Only 5 wrong or right--off to limbo you go. Be careful-beware-the consequences for foolish answers can be significant. God Bless

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