The irony

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The irony

So, as you may or may not know... the UK is facing a general election in December.

And I just recieved a leaflet from a prospective candidate in my constituency, in which she claims that current politicians don't have a grasp on real life...

Then has this (see attached image) on her bio...

Just caused a little chuckle for cynical side of myself.



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I don't know why I can not

I don't know why I can not click on images and open them any more. Is is my computer or something the site is doing?

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I could view it by right

I could view it by right clicking on the image and selecting "View image".

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I can't click either.

I can't click either.

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Apologies, perhaps it may be

Apologies, perhaps it may be how I've attached the image?!

Either way, she studied religion at university and is well known locally for working with the BBC on religious tv shows.

Again, just made me chuckle.

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No, It happens when I post

No, It happens when I post pictures as well. I have not been able to open them for a while now/

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Same here on not being able

Same here on not being able to click on attached images. Been that way for several weeks. Figured it was just something wrong on my end.

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Cool, good to know, I'll

Cool, good to know, I'll stick with links lol

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Depending on your browser,

Depending on your browser, you can display the full image by right clicking and choosing something like "view image".

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I can click open and enlarge

I can click open and enlarge those images on my cell phone but not with my laptop. Its not how Random has uploaded the image.

I leave to the internet boffins to determine why.


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Just right click on the image

Just right click on the in new tab or any of the other options.

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Yeah, I knew.

Yeah, I knew.

I noticed that Jeremy Corbyn has promised free, fast internet for everyone. A snip at only 20 billion pounds.Only it will almost certainly be several times that amount, if things go the way thy usually do with large government projects .

I wonder how many people will fall for that shameless piece of pork barrelling

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@ Cranky

@ Cranky

Pork Barrelling

Hopefully more than the Eton Mess's promises on the NHS which he, like all past promises, will renege on and sell at Trump's behest.

Universal internet access is a logical step forward. It is no longer an option for modern life, but is essential to the future of democracy and is as necessary as electricity grid fro modern society.

The local Tories fucked up the NBN good and proper in Australia, now is the UK's chance to get one thing right.

(Edit: last sentence added)

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I don't have "view image"

I don't have "view image" "Open image in a new tab" works fine. Still...... there was a time...... anyway, changes do happen.

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