Islamic terrorism is made up

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Islamic terrorism is made up

Islamic terrorism is made up with an admitting from MBS ( Mohammed bin salman ) The crown Prince of Saudi Arabia ! He just admit that " Spread of Wahhabism was done at request of West during Cold War against the Soviet Union " !!

Here is a link :

Second :

An analysis get published in Wikipedia :

As an ex muslim I was reading many religious book in Islam trying to find the source of terrorism and hate speech and I found it one of the worst books is called " Political sharia " But who made that book ? It's not an old book It's new , Who made it is a famous religious leader called " Mohammed bin othaimeen " He is one of the biggest religious monks of Saudi Arabia for long time He died - Thanks the universe - ! I didn't find any old Islamic book talking about killing infidels without Saudi influences sometimes they came just as collectivers of an old sources and This work is really an old probably from 1970s ! So many Islamic schools especially sunni party being "Scapegoat"

Is it possible to brainwash a communities like this ?? Of course it is That's what all of the world doing it with mixing their ideologies with a modernism ! In Japan they believe their " Shinto " faith isn't against the individualism which is not true Japan was a dangerous country during the second world war from an ideological side Now the Japanese are proud of the nuclear bomb cause it changed Japan ! Same thing for Christianity They reject all of the old terrific wars and bad history but that's not what Christianity is during Jesus period or any other middle ages period , It has been always a lie to guide the social systems !

Let's talk about ISIS : ISIS exist in an Arabic-islamic country and most of their victims are sunni Muslims unlike the terrorists of the right wing most of their victims are non-white !! Here is a source about The victims of ISIS :

Does that mean they have been guided ?? Plus They didn't attack Israel ? Where is the hate of Israel ?? That get used to justify every criticism about Israel policy - not a Jews - ?

Other question : None of the Arabic countries produce any weapons How ISIS get a weapon ? Who give them that ? We have a gun control everywhere in the middle East !! But how they got their weapons ?

Currently ISIS get destroyed who killed them ?? Is there a US army in Syria ? well there is but they didn't do anything , Who killed them is the Syrian ba'athist regime and other militias The same regime that US announced the war at him but now they regret and support him !?!

The Arab secular nationalism get destroyed I'm against their dictatorship but how we gotta get a freedom and civil countries when The most radical ideology get supported financially and by military !

I wonder what an atheist cats think ?? ( Be rational , please )

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Religion turns peoples brains

Religion turns peoples brains to mush.

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OK but what do you think ? Do

OK but what do you think ? Do you agree with that ?

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"Religion turns peoples

"Religion turns peoples brains to mush."

Very true, though over the years I can't help but notice that some people have a head start, even before religion gets it's hooks into them.

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That's why you said " When

That's why you said " When you combine stupid ideas with stupid people the results are never going to be anything but a disaster " .. Fair enough Sheldon .

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I will not add to the

I will not add to the suffering by politicizing the suffering. Conspiracy theories are not my playthings.

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I don't support conspiracy

I don't support conspiracy theories either , But when you understand that the Arabic communities have no authority on their government by their own well then It's a responsibility of the politician to guide the country to be civil The change should come from up there not from the people then Everything gonna be different , That what's going on ...

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Ummm. I think there are root

Ummm. I think there are root issues with the interpretation of all five books...particularly the quran. With such a poorly defined conceptual thought, the writer has doomed followers to interpretation as opposed clear direction. I mean there are better instruction for wiping your ass, than there is for main tenets like apostasy or for non-believers. This seperate interpretation of a common myth, seems to be written in haste, without clear thought. Just my two cents.

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That's actually deep , I love

That's actually deep , I love it ...

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The quran contains passages

The quran contains passages that glorify terrorism.

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They can deal with that If

They can deal with that If they want !! There is secular countries with Muslim majority like Turkey or Malaysia or Kazakhstan ! And they don't suffer with democracy !! Because they have different social movements in the history which is secular with supporting from the religion itself !

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All of the 'holy' books have

All of the 'holy' books have swathes of horrific garbage that is completely unnecessary in a modern world and thus should be confined to reading material in a lunatic asylum.

And as someone who was very close to the scene with my daughter during the July 7th London terror attack, you will be hard pressed to convince me that Islamic terrorism is not real.

If you commit any atrocities it is terrorism, period.

To say there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism is on a par with saying that Brexit has been magnificent success.

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I'm not saying It doesn't

I'm not saying It doesn't exist No of course It exists but there is people who support and use it for political purposes !! There is religions and languages are extinct cause basically no one support it ! You can read some analysis about that ...

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@Adonis: Now the Japanese are

@Adonis: Now the Japanese are proud of the nuclear bomb cause it changed Japan !

Rubbish. The Japanese aren't proud of the nuclear bomb because they didn't create it. They were profoundly shocked by the two nuclear attacks, and while there are some diehard warmongering nutcase groups, the vast majority of Japan's people have an absolute horror of war and bombs of all kinds.

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Fuck you for saying Islamic

Fuck you for saying Islamic terrorism is made up.
I wish it's made up, but it's fucking reality!

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Man we're talking about

Man we're talking about politics In the religion Religious authorities are making something new everyday They can be peaceful If they want ! Especially If the political authority want that You got my point ?? Thank you I don't mind to be fuc*** anyway !!

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If terrorism is made up, then

If terrorism is made up, then explain why this skyline no longer exists.



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Terrorism has been with us

Terrorism has been with us for 1400 years, ebbing and flowing throughout the ages. When WW1 ended so did the Islamic head of state vis-à-vis the Ottoman Empire. Non-state sponsored terrorism started because Mustafa Atatürk forced Turkey to become secular in the 1923.

This pissed off the hardliners. In 1928 the Muslim Brotherhood formed to take back Islam from the secularists. It started (and continues today) with soft Jihad, but because terrorist Jihad has always been a sacred Islamic method of war, it was only a matter of time that groups started using the tried and truth method to speed up the process.

BTW, terrorism is such an effective method of fighting the tolerant progressives in the west they it will only be used more and more moving forward. The very first thing that happens after an Islamic attack is that people get shut down for condemning Islam, and Islam gains more favour in the west as victim of hate.

This drives the far-right types crazy (it drives a lot of sane normal people crazy too for that matter), and they do their own terrorism in retaliation. And the first thing that happens after a right-wing terrorist attack is that Islam gets more positivity while critics like Armin Navibi get shut down. Muslim dress and Shariah gains in popularity, immigration from Islamic countries increases, and critics get shut down every time there's a new terrorist attack, doesn't matter if it's Islamic or right-wing.

This is the most brilliant war strategy of all time, and since it has been working for 1400 years, they may as well keep going.

We are fucked.

"I have been made victorious with terror. (cast in the hearts of the enemy)"
~ Muhammad (from Sahih Bukhari 2977)


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"I have been made victorious with terror. (cast in the hearts of the enemy)"
~ Muhammad (from Sahih Bukhari 2977)

Terror is so Old Testament =

Exodus 23:27 (ISV) = “I’ll go ahead of you and terrorize all the people to whom you are coming. I’ll confuse your enemies and make them turn their backs on you and run away."

Deuteronomy 7:20 (CEB) = "The Lord your God will send terror on them until even the survivors and those hiding from you are destroyed."

Deuteronmy 28:66 (NOG) = "Your life will always be hanging by a thread. You will live in terror day and night. You will never feel sure of your life."

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If Islamic terrorism is made

If Islamic terrorism is made up ...

then explain this.



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