Israel's history

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Israel's history

The story about how god delivered the Israelites from Egypt and how their god gave the the promised land is written in the bible and part of the Israel's history. What do atheist think about it? Another novel or a fact because it's a part of Israel's history?

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Just another novel and a

Just another novel and a country that is incredibly conflicted thanks to such inventions.

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Israel is certainly cursed

Israel is certainly cursed because of religion. I think the end of the world will start in that country, and it will be a nuclear end, not some paranormal event.

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The people of israel are

The people of israel are suffering so much because of all these lies and religious fanatism.

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Yes I agree that Israel has

Yes I agree that Israel has conflicting appreciation to the God that chosen them. They doubt the God that was ever present on their history and Christianity is not even their major religion. No wonder Christianity can't convert the whole world into Christians because even the people who should believe on it on the first place find it hard to believe in the bible's teaching.

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Dude, if some strange Spirit

Dude, if some strange Spirit came down and promised a bunch of homeless people in another country my house, I'd call him a swindler. That's pretty much what God did to the Palestinians, who have been living in the "Holy Land" for quite a while and have made their homes there.

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This conflict are probably

This conflict are probably going to end in a horrible nuclear holocaust that will start the beginning of the end.Nothing religious or supernatural about it, just pure human stupidity.

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I think some people would

I think some people would call that a "self-fulfilling prophecy".. but I'm with you - it's just human stupidity.

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Yeah right after Zombie Jesus

Yeah right after Zombie Jesus comes out of the ground and starts biting people thereby fulfilling the prophesy of judging the living and the undead, Who ever thought the world would end with radioactive zombies! OK Just kidding here I honestly do think the war there could get out of hand and trigger a triple halving of mankind through some form of as is called nuclear holocaust. But for now the war there is way to controlled and way to much of a money maker for some people to let the possibility of a war nuclear enter their financial spreadsheets. However, this could soon change if they realize how much they can make shorting the global markets if such an event were to occur. For now there is way more money than could be earned that way in keeping the war going, so the nuclear option is off the table at least on a scale that would threaten the whole world. Still, I would not rule out smaller blast though as much money could be made shorting the markets and then turned into buying the markets after the ensuing collapse. Just imagine if the front pages of the papers read Nuclear "War or Such and Such War goes Nuclear" the markets would easily be halved Even in the event of a full fledged nuclear war people somehow in someplaces I still think would mange to survive. Probably underground in and then 100s of years they could return to the surface. I think we are much more likely to see a nuclear war unfold in the Koreas.

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Human stupidity has brought

Human stupidity has brought us all the worst things that have happened in this planet. Chernobyl, the Holocaust, Hiroshima & Nagasaki, the world wars, the dictatorships around the globe. Hunger, poverty, rape, violence, unfair treatment of innocent people. We are just surrounded by human stupidity and we expect things to get better by just complaining.

The only true way to make things better if for each person individually to make a better living so that they can help others. Work hard, be creative and start a business, find ways to help you community, but don't pretend to be some sort of activist when all your efforts are to post messages on facebook and attend some rally that people go to just to party and drink.

Back to the main subject (Israel) this country has so much potential for good things, but it has been tainted by so many horrible events. It's hard to say when it will recover.

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Yes and this takes me back to

Yes and this takes me back to israel being cursed by religious issues more than anything else. All wars held in this land have something to do with religion. This proves that there is not good that ever comes from relgiious beliefs as far as the masses and how they use it for holy wars.

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I was trying to think of an

I was trying to think of an exception to your claim, but I can't. Even Nazi Germany, which was adamantly without religion, turned on the Jews because of *their* religion, so it doesn't qualify.

I'm really not much of a modern history buff, but WW1? Did that stem primarily from a religious war? Someone's gotta know :)

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