the issue in Syria

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the issue in Syria

Look at the current strife going on in Syria. People are bailing the country because of Isis. Have you seen the picture of the officer carrying the 3 year old little boy that drowned as his boat capsized? This picture prompted other countries to extend themselves and accept immigrants that are fleeing the country. I read that the outpouring of help is overwhelming. I've seen pictures of these poor people in misery, little children terrified, crying and hiding with their parents to stay out of the gunfire between their police, and the Isis insurgents that are taking over. WHERE IS THEIR GOD?? You want to talk about "miracles"...WHERE IS THEIR MIRACLE?? Can the Pope answer that?? What does he really accomplish on these world tours?? Evryone makes a big hoopla about the Pope, but in the end, when it is all over, WHAT WAS ACCOMPLISHED?? Did it stop all this killing in the name of God?? Did it help the people in need? Did it feed starving children? Did it stop children from being molested and abused? Did it help cure horrible diseases? Did it stop, and/or humanize Isis, and other terrrorist gangs? The answer to ALL of these questions and many more is a resounding...NO!!! If God can truly perform miracles, this certainly would be a situation where He could show us what He is made of ! WHERE IS HE??!! Alas, we all know there will be no answer from don't hold your breath!!

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I forgot to add that God must

I forgot to add that God must want to teach these people a lesson!!

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If there is a God or Goddess,

If there is a God or Goddess, he or she doesn't seem to care about human life

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