It’s that time of year...

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It’s that time of year...

It's time again for the annual reminder for those without medical contraindications to get their flu shot.

If you cannot afford one, you can google "free flu shots" and you'll likely find them offered in your area.

Please, please, please get one yourself (if you've no contraindications) and encourage everyone you know to do the same if they are able.

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I have received one every

I have received one every year for the last 28. I work with people (as a caregiver) who get the flu and I have not contracted the flu since I began taking the vaccine. Even when the vaccine has been deemed "ineffective". CDC guidelines are flu season begins October 1st and ends March 31st. There are already active cases appearing. It takes two weeks to impart immunity. Go get one!

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The passage you shared is really important and meaningful. Remember, getting a flu shot every year not only protects your health but also protects the surrounding community. Don't forget to use the Time Calculator to calculate the time needed for your health care.

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