It seems that we need more atheist mothers.

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It seems that we need more atheist mothers.

Moms Have Way More Influence Over Their Children’s Religious Lives Than Dads. By Ruth Graham.

Admittedly, the article discusses the influence of mothers on which religion the child is exposed to, rather than any religion versus none at all. Still, it's instructive.

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I'm a mom who raised four

I'm a mom who raised four kids without any gods. They are all pretty amazing adults who are generous, moral, and decent. I don't think any of them identifies themselves as atheist, but none of them has a god. I find that so interesting.

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To a certain extent, yes. But

To a certain extent, yes. But, it's the lack of backbone in men who allow the maternal argument for a deity that is primarily at the root of it. I would not allow religious training without equitably revealing the secular argument. Both sons opted for the atheist argument and mom is all alone in her belief system in the house. It isn't a victory for atheism as much as it is a loss for theism. She truly believes her life is the work of her god and let's me know frequently that whatever good we enjoy in our lives is a direct result of her prayers. It's her way of fighting back despite the reality that it distances her more and more from her own family. I'm quite sure she needs relevance in her life now that her kids don't need her doting on them anymore.

Having never accepted her theism over the course of our marriage, and then being rejected by her own sons for it, she's lonely and reaches out to it now to find relevance in her life. Fair enough. She does not desire rationality. She desires a sense of belonging and finds it in her faith. Very sad, actually, and the last thing I want to see her suffer. But, it's now too late to redeem what cannot be redeemed. We will die strangers.

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