jameswatts is more moral than his god

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jameswatts is more moral than his god

Jameswatts' god doesn't wish to come down and use it's omniscient and omnipotent power to plainly make it's existence true to all of us heathens, yet will still condemn us to an infinite punishment for a finite crime of lack of belief. Yet jameswatts tries to get us to push us away from this unjust punishment. Even if his sky daddy existed, how could one bow to it if jameswatts is even more moral than it?

Thanks jameswatts for giving me a reminder of how sick you gawwd is.

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He’s your typical Evangelical

He’s your typical Evangelical Crusader. Arrogant in the certainty of his knowledge. Attempts to prove his superiority through a deep knowledge of the Bible, which is his only source of facts. There is also the assumption that others somehow recognized the Bible as true. At times he may appear to be talking down to you the heathen. He cannot understand why you have not converted, he has given the message. He also believes that he is not only doing you a favor but the will of God. I would also bet he is a King James Version only kind of guy.

You are wasting your time using facts and science. The more reality you use the more assured he is in his faith. He gets to play the martyr when you attack him, which means he is closer to God then his fellow Christians. This will be a personal point of pride with him.

He is incapable of entertaining another idea or thought that is against his little world view. For him that would mean accepting it.
Best to ignore him.

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I think the best thing we

I think the best thing we could do would be to ignore him. He's not interested in listening to others. He's just here to try to convert us. I say we just let him go. If we don't bite he can't catch any fish.

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Looks like someone is

Looks like someone is deleting their posts.... :-)

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Soccergu and his sock puppet

Soccergu and his sock puppet will continue to be removed until he respects the guidelines of this forum. His posts that I found valid are still up.

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Ah, I thought he had deleted

Ah, I thought he had deleted his own. The missing ones made no sense, ergo my response to them of, "Huh?"

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Lol @ sky daddy :)

Lol @ sky daddy :)

I'm pretty sure that if god existed, he would damn all of us to hell *with* James Watts, just to make sure we all suffered adequately.

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