Je Suis Charlie

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Je Suis Charlie

Are you Charlie too?
Let's support freedom of expression and no be silences by the terrorism that happening around the world for the sake of their god.
It seems like we are in the dark age again.
This has to stop!

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" It seems like we are in the dark age again.
This has to stop!"

True enough ....true enough....

It seems the beast is fighting back....

and for the record ......

Je Suis Charlie

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"I'm with you fellers."

"I'm with you fellers."

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Je Suis Charlie. Je Suis

Je Suis Charlie. Je Suis séculier.

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I like "Je suis Charlie, je

I like "Je suis Charlie, je suis Raif Badawi" -- it respects both of the main groups fighting to end Muslim oppression of speech (those who dismiss Islam outright, and those who seek to transform it from within), and doesn't play quite so much to the vocal minority of anti-Arab racists in Europe (many of whom are secular racists).

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It's sad to know that the

It's sad to know that the Christian leaders seem to understand why those extremists decided to kill and that's because their faith was devalued.

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