Jesus shoes filled with holy water for only $3000

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Jesus shoes filled with holy water for only $3000

These shoes are filled with water from the Jordan River that has been blessed by a priest. The right shoe has a gold crucifix on the laces and a reference to Matthew 14:25 printed on it as well. A drop of red representing the blood Jesus is displayed on the tongues of both shoes.

Jesus Trainers

Evidently they are good for your sole.

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RE: The holy Trainers:

RE: The holy Trainers: Not only do the shoes contain holy water in the soles that came from the Jordan River and was blessed by a priest, but a crucifix has also been placed on top of the laces on the right trainer.

I can not see any government allowing water from the Jordan river to cross their borders.

I can't debunk the story on Snopes. I guess it stands but I don't believe there was anything from the Jordan river that did not come out of a tap in those shoes.


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Stroke of genius! Wish I had

Stroke of genius! Wish I had thought of it, would never have to worry about the cost of things, like medications or groceries, again. I suspect these will sell out over and over to the folks who like to flaunt both their income and their dedication to their gawd.

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Wow! I bet those shoes would

Wow! I bet those shoes would be GREAT for kicking the holy shit out of heathens!

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Theistic Relic!

Theistic Relic!

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Yeah,I saw that.

Yeah,I saw that.

There is an impeccable source for this practice; the Vatican.

If you visit the Sistine Chapel, on the way out, you literally run into a souvenir shop. So it cannot be misunderstood, the shop is run by nuns in full uniform . I can't remember ever seeing a more vulgar and tacky souvenir shop. They even sell papal blessings.(you get a certificate)

The church does not actually sell holy water. However, it's just fine to gouge the faithful in the cost of the container.

P T Barnum may have said " No one ever went broke underestimating public taste " My corollary ; " Or stupidity"

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So, basically Martin Luther

So, basically Martin Luther failed because he never envisaged the redeeming power of the souvenir stand.

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Oh, he saw it alright. Luther


Oh, he saw it alright. Luther did his best to destroy some of the more egregious church practices. The most glaringly corrupt was arguably the sale of indulgences. This had been introduced I think by the first Borgia pope, the stunningly corrupt Alexander V1,. father of Lucrezia .

Of course Luther remained a rabid misogynist.

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@Grinseed: Yep. And then

@Grinseed: Yep. And then there is this..... Talk about a failure!!!

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I linked from a facebook site

I linked from a facebook site and learned that the creators/ marketers are not Christians but have a "there's a sucker born every minute attitude". LOL!

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Joel Osteen will have several

Joel Osteen will have several platinum and diamond sets (with matching kidskin pairs for his wife) while Mr Bakker will be promoting them along with his Apocalypse Survival Gear. *sigh*

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