John Travolta and Tom Cruise-mental illness

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John Travolta and Tom Cruise-mental illness

The bible, the Koran and religion are filled with pretty stupid ,immoral, and ridiculous things. Adam and Eve and the talking snake and Noah's Arc are pretty ridiculous.. Paradise for killing infidels -a place with 72 virgins or beheading non believers is pretty ridiculous... Ridiculous is what ridiculous does. Many "smart" people -John Lennox, Frances Collins and Ben Carson believe in the resurrection of Christ and much of the bullshit in the bible... Many of the martyrs in the planes that flew in to the world trade center were college educated but still thought they would go to paradise for murdering "heathens" or non believers. Ridiculous is what ridiculous does...
As ridiculous is as ridiculous does... Scientology is bat crazy ridiculous... Yet not only are there many stupid people who are scientologists --there are "smart" people who are scientologists... Despite all the interviews, books, documentaries, that show the craziness, wackiness, and mental illness of Hubbard the founder and the "horror" and their beliefs---many people actually succumb to the ritual and stupidity of the "religion." John Travolta and Tom Cruise are long time members of Scientology. How could this be possible??? I know belief in all religion is ridiculous. But Scientology is 10 (from 1-10) in nuttiness...The only explanation that "smart" people can believe such ridiculous things is either mental illness, a chemical imbalance, benign brain tumor, or an undiagnosed, or an unexplained disease that affects rational thought.... God Bless

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I honestly don't see how

I honestly don't see how Scientology is any nuttier than mainstream Christianity. Scientology is just relativity new and therefore seems crazier.

All the Hollywood cults, space aliens, and pseudo-science in the world will never outdo the most basic claims of Christianity: that god, sacrificed himself---to himself---so he could forgive people because some dude who didn't know right from wrong swiped an apple 6000 years ago.

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They must have too many

They must have too many Thetans.

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