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GeniusIsDisruptive : “ImFree,

GeniusIsDisruptive : “ImFree, the civility of the debate ALWAYS degrades in every atheist and liberal forum. Why is that, do you think?”

I do not care to speculate about other sites. Generally speaking, I have no objection to sarcasm being used occasionally, but when discussions degrade to repetitive ad hominem attacks, any exchange of ideas come to an impasse.

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@ GeniusIsDisruptive -

@ GeniusIsDisruptive -

I have nothing to add to this thread of any genius or idiocy, whichever seems to be the theme here. I just want to say that it's "inseparable". I'm pretty sure Lenin would forgive the embarrassment, being the pious penitent his minions champion him to be, but a little respect, no?

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First of all, your very first

First of all, your very first post was nothing but a generalized rant. It wasn't debating. More importantly, it was dead wrong.
Secondly, you continue to post complete fabrications. "Atheists murdered 100,000,000." That is a flat out lie.
In all of WW I and WW II and including the purges by Stalin and Mao the death toll doesn't come close to 100 million. Anyway, atheisism wasn't responsible for those deaths.
You haven't shown any respect since you got here so why do you expect any?
Now you may have decided to single me out for my explicit language. Fine.
The fact is that you and every single believer have one and only one responsibility that none of you have ever owned up to or accomplished. You have never ever proven your god. Everything else is besides that point and doesn't matter.

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mykcob4: "You haven't shown

mykcob4: "You haven't shown any respect since you got here so why do you expect any?"

Don't expect an answer from this fellow on any question. All he does is nitpick spelling/grammar, post links to other people's work, and blow his own rather loud trumpet.

The 100 million figure for deaths under communism may be accurate, but it includes deaths from famines caused by communist mismanagement of agriculture. One of the most interesting examples was Lysenkoism, a theory that rejected Darwinian evolution and claimed, for example, that weeds could be taught to become grain crops. Stalin had around 3,000 agricultural scientists executed for opposing the idea, and Soviet food production plummeted.

Either way, it's totally dishonest to claim that atheism is responsible for any of those deaths. But what else can you expect from a Christian evangelist blowhard?

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I cannot think of a bigger

I cannot think of a bigger waste of time and energy than debating with theists. It's not possible to argue with a delusion which by definition is not amenable to reason. Don't give the idiots oxygen.

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Sounds like someone is

Sounds like someone is getting a bit emotional here.

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"claim that 100,000,000

"claim that 100,000,000 people were murdered by atheists". I went through this argument once back in high school, that was what, 1973? The catholic girl I was arguing with had said, "If you're not a christian, then you're an atheist". So apparently it doesn't matter what else you believe in, to some people, if you don't believe in THEIR god, you're an atheist. At least, that's how it seemed.

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She is an atheist if she does

She is an atheist if she does not believe in Zeus LOL : )

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Does this help you?

Does this help you?


Attach Image/Video?: 

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GeniusIsDisruptive: "MCD,

GeniusIsDisruptive: "MCD, you have NEVER been in a debate with a theist. You simply pop off several of the talking points your godless friends have been using for years, and then declare yourself the winner, brilliant, rational, scientific, moral, and preening."

And MCD was silent, thankfully. "Having a find command of the English language, (he) said nothing." - Look it up

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As soon as someone starts the

As soon as someone starts the false equivocation process of atheism (especially new atheism) with communism, you can safely dismiss any thoughts they have on the matter. The logical contortions you have to make to get there ensure that no reasonable debate will occur. They've been trying and failing with this for 80 years or so now.

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However your false

However your false equivocation on Christians being "anti-science" and "stupid" is impenetrable, isn't it. Why do 70% of children raised by atheists renounce atheism as adults if your godless dogma is so very brilliant and *logical*?

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Seriously, you are what's

Seriously, you are what's known as a WUM. A wind up merchant. Unbelievable.

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"Why do 70% of children

"Why do 70% of children raised by atheist renounce atheism as adults..." I'd really like to know where you are getting your figures from. Pretty much, no wait, EVERY SINGLE PERSON I know that have been raised by atheists are still atheist as adults.

I my experience, the exact opposite is true. I know a lot of people who have come from strict religious families (be it Catholic, JW, Muslim or whatever) that were forced into faith as children and are now the most stubborn atheist. It like as that pressure on them from family made them recoil against it. I wouldn't pressume to know the exact figures of people who renounced faith as adults, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was higher than 70%.

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Well firstly there is no

Well firstly there is no atheist dogma, secondly your 70 percent statistic is bogus, or at the very least doesn't match current polling. You are also making huge sweeping assumptions about what I believe. My guess is that you just like trolling us for some reason, I hope that satisfaction it gives you is worth it, but I really don't care to engage with you.

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"However your false

"However your false equivocation on Christians being "anti-science" and "stupid" is impenetrable, isn't it. Why do 70% of children raised by atheists renounce atheism as adults if your godless dogma is so very brilliant and *logical*?"

Atheism has no dogma and is simply the belief that there is no good evidence for belief in a god (s)... in actuality if you are Christian, you're atheist in regards to all other gods such as that of Judaism, Islam and even Thor

70%... citation required please, provide a link to a peer reviewed journal that confirms this.

Stop talking bollocks please and offer actual evidence into the invisible sky fairy of your choice.

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The math alone makes the 70%

The math alone makes the 70% figure illogical. In just 4 generations we are talking about a 99.2% reduction of the population. Instead, the numbers of atheist are growing.


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