Kent Hovind Actually Sent It! Wow!

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Kent Hovind Actually Sent It! Wow!

Another quicky I had alredy put to gether. Good night y'all.

Does anyone not know who Kent Hovind is? I did not hear about him until about five years ago when I started watching videos of Aron Ra and Kent Hovind butting heads. Boy, did those two butt heads. But Kent Hovind always proved to be the butt-head.

I am shocked. With all the hoopla about his degrees. He actually did it. Sort of. Kent Hovind actually sent me a copy of his dissertation (only took him about 25 weeks), as he says, "This is the current draft of my soon to be finalized doctoral dissertation. May you find it enlightening for your beliefs."

I never told him I was an atheist. I just said I was field technician working at Yellowstone National Park.

It is quite different than this one I found at WikiLeaks —

The OCR conversion of the WikiLeaks PDF is also viewable on this web page.

Any comments?


P.S. — Here is information I got from the Great Wiki about the "university" he got his doctorate from.

Patriot Bible University (PBU), formerly known as Patriot University, is an unaccredited Independent Baptist correspondence school located in Del Norte, Colorado which issues religious degrees only. According to the State of Colorado, Patriot's "degrees or diplomas have no state recognition". PBU is not accredited by any agency recognized by the Department of Education. It has been called a diploma mill, lacking sufficient academic standards to award degrees.


In Name It and Frame It? New Opportunities in Adult Education and How to Avoid Being Ripped Off by Christian Degree Mills, Steve Levicoff explained that while a non-accredited school is not necessarily a degree mill, Patriot Bible University is a degree mill. The college has varied its policies over the years, but it has been criticized for awarding students degrees based on questionable standards such as "life experience" or "ministry evaluation" that lack academic rigour and merit.

The university is not accredited by any recognized accreditation associations of higher learning. As of 2007, it was recognized by the American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions (AAATI), which itself has no recognition from the United States Department of Education or any other government educational organization. The AAATI is itself considered an accreditation mill, and provides approval to schools for a $100 charge. In October 2008, it was accredited by Accrediting Commission International. The ACI is again not recognized by the US Department of Education. The St. Petersburg Times (Florida) reported, "Alan Contreras, who heads Oregon's Office of Degree Authorization, which closely tracks schools with questionable accreditation. "Anything accredited by ACI in Beebe, Ark., is either fake or substandard, as far as I know." "

Of course that last part makes me wonder why a newspaper in Florida would go all the way to Oregon? Does not Florida have an Office of Degree Authorization? Just looked it up. Duh! That office is based in Oregon for literally the whole of the U S of A. **facepalm**

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"A Dissertation on End

"A Dissertation on End Times According to the Bible"

Hmm, if I write a dissertation on unicorn husbandry, and get a PhD from the university of unicornism, I'm not sure why anyone has to recognise the beliefs that underpin it as valid. A fallacious appeal to authority, as he can demonstrate no objective evidence the bible is anything but man made, and it makes demonstrably erroneous claims of course.

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I have to confess I hold a

I have to confess I hold a Masters of Divinity and a Doctorate...both received as birthday presents from much the same institutions many years ago. My stepson told me he had to submit my life CV to receive the Masters and my then wife and stepkids a whole essay of 5000 words to get my Doctorate....they copied it from a friend ...The money they took from my account...but was the thought that counted! And the gown that my stepdaughter made for my graduation robes?....Rainbow...LOL....bless. All done back then by mail, my graduation at a BBQ in my apartment complex in Encinitas...

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A degree in divinity is like

A degree in divinity is like a degree in talking frogs.

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@Chimp Re: Talking frogs

@Chimp Re: Talking frogs

Hey, don't knock it. A degree in talking frogs can be very useful when you least expect it. For example....

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Beautiful! 1,000 likes!

Beautiful! 1,000 likes!

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Hey, TBW! Was that 1000

Hey, TBW! Was that 1000 likes for me or for Chimp? I would like to think it was for me, because - of course - I am obviously much prettier than Chimp. *giggle*

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I am sure Kent Hovind

I am sure Kent Hovind considers himself brilliant, that is bad enough, but then the people that actually believe him, far worse.

A loud mouth fool is not much a bother, but a loud mouth fool that thinks him self smart and has a following, that is, unfortunately a problem.

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Kent Hovind used to be a non

Kent Hovind used to be a non-stop debater who criss-crossed the country to debate scientists on evolution and a young-earth. I refer to him as a "bottom feeder" in that his arguments are scooped from the flimsiest sources, sometimes stuff that other creationist organizations reject. Mostly, he followed creationist Dr. Henry Morris's arguments. (Henry Morris and Whitcomb wrote "The Genesis Flood," the take-off point for creationist flood and young-earth "geologists" everywhere. Henry actually had a PhD in hydraulic engineering.) "Dr." Kent Hovind's degree came from one of those mail-order places where you spell your name correctly, pay your fee, and get a newly minted "PhD." I remember someone writing that his dissertation was literally a cut-and-paste job more akin to a Junior High report.

I attended several of Kent Hovind's debates and obtained tapes on still more. He was one slick debater and anyone who underestimated him soon had cause to regret it. While living in Florida he got busted for tax evasion and spent quite a few years in the federal pen. Recently he got out and probably is trying to get back to his debating circuit.

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At least he is better in

At least he is better in debate than sye ten bruggencate.

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At least he is better in

At least he is better in debate than sye ten bruggencate.

I even hate his initials because they sound like you can catch Chlamydia or Gonorrhea.


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If I write a dissertation on

If I write a dissertation on how to take care of unicorns and get a PhD from the university of unicornism, I don't see why anyone has to agree that the ideas behind it are true, my location. A fallacious call to authority, since he can't show any objective proof that the Bible wasn't made by people, and since it says things that are clearly wrong, he's just making up a story.

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Wow, Kent Hovind surprised me

Wow, Kent Hovind surprised me by actually sending me his dissertation after all the controversy surrounding his degrees, even though it took him quite a while; I had only mentioned being where am Ia field technician at Yellowstone National Park, and I must say, his interactions with Aron Ra were quite the clash!

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