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Killing threats

For atheist ,Killing threats are dime dozen especially in the whole asia, people dont want even to listen about anti religion ..
Most of time brilliant man is fucked up by poor roles of religion and he/she compel to follow that . The question is how to protect our self from big world wide monsters like all kind of religions. How to tel them that we people have our own worth and legal way of life. Is there any community, any management , or any kind of power who might protect us ??

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There has been a lot of

There has been a lot of recent talk of it as of late, lots of people tend to bring up the ideas church like establishment for atheist but many atheist myself included don't like the idea of an atheist church and we are a fun lot so some have gone on to make a great deal of fun out of the whole thing. I think it is worth mentioning that there are non profit organizations set up for atheist and of course now would be a good time to mention that the boards we are talking on right now belong to one of such organizations. have you ever considered starting a non profit for Atheist ? If you have what would the mission be? You are in a place where maybe you could find other people with similar interest.

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IT's going to take a few

IT's going to take a few thousand years to entirely wipe out religion, but the time will come when society looks at people who believed in Jesus and believed in heaven exactly the way we look at those who believed in the god of thunder, the god of war, etc.

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The religious organizations

The religious organizations will only stop from existing if we already discovered the root of our existence and universe's start. Until such time comes, there will always be struggle on what to believe about the existence of a supreme deity. Anyway, I bet all of us were already gone when such time comes. So we just have to accept that in this lifetime, we are living in a religion dominated world.

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I think a fully automated

I think a fully automated fully socialized society is coming quicker than most people think. I think once it does R&D will be the only two real jobs and as such the answer you pose in your statement will probably arrive sooner than you think. but just like we Atheist question and don't believe what theist call proof of God, I think they would question and not believe as the root of outr existence.

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I hear what you're saying,

I hear what you're saying, but not only is that a huge task, it is also in my opinion an unnecessary one. I'd propose similarly that religion's organizations will deteriorate once we establish the root of *religion* and why we've created it.

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