Knowledge is Evil

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Knowledge is Evil

I was taught as a child that knowledge is the root of all evil. Also to have a child-like faith. Now Im thinking that as men were writing the Bible they realized that not many will buy into this shit. If we tell them to not seek out knowledge and think like a kid we can get most of them:)

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I agree, JamieB. It is a

I agree, JamieB. It is a major contributor to the power of the delusional faith in christianity. We were taught that knowledge is worldly and of the devil, that we should not test the lord our god, that we should lean not on our own understanding, that worldly wisdom is of the world and godly wisdom is from on high, that faith is superior to reason, that jesus preaches the faith of a child and not the questioning of the literate, and that hell is full of sinners who trusted in their own minds. That wall of delusion is strong. Knowledge is like an artillery shell that breaks that ignorant wall, so it must be defended against.

It's ironic that knowledge was the forbidden fruit in the garden of eden that man must not taste if he wanted communion with god. The more we know, the less we have to do with an imaginary god. Very ironic.

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I agree. In the holy babble,

I agree. In the holy babble, the doubting thomas character is portrayed as the fool... not the 11 gullible apostles

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Agreed. That's where that

Agreed. That's where that "born again" crap comes from.

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Okay you read the right

Okay you read the right verses. And I was wrong its Money that is the root of all evil in the Bible.

This short 1st article explains part of what I was trying say. This 2 nd article is very long (couldn't finish it) It demonstrates more of how I was taught. Christians prove themselves wrong then make a flat out statement with zero proof because he knows it too be true

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JamieB is spot on. The

JamieB is spot on. The original sin was knowledge and therefore we are all sinners for seeking knowledge. That is why theists demand blind faith and blind obedience. Blind being the optimum word.

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Some here know that I was an

Some here know that I was an atheist, and I came back to faith a little over a year ago. I don't believe knowledge is evil, and honestly I don't even know how I feel about the word ''evil.'' Seems like a cop out kind of word that believers use when they don't like certain things. The Bible really isn't responsible for why I came back to faith, nor do I cling to it as the mainstay of my faith. That's probably unpopular by believers, but I think that everyone's faith should be their own. It's between God and me. And having knowledge to question the Bible, to question and doubt, is human. I don't understand why many believers have issues with knowledge and don't see it as being part of our very humanity, to question and even dare to doubt. But, that's just me.

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Deidra, I agree with your

Deidra, I agree with your comments about "evil". It's a cop out that allows people to avoid deep consideration and simply label someone or something evil and move on without any concern for the deeper issues that are inevitably involved. So while I disagree with other points you made, we agree about evil.

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So glad to see that you are

So glad to see that you are back Deidre. Yes yes, it's that mean old man Mykcob4. I don't care what your current conviction is. I only care that you are back.

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hahaha I laughed out loud for

@ mykcob - hahaha I laughed out loud for real ^_^ Thank you for this.

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I would be most interested in what brought you back to Christianity. If you have discussed it in another thread please direct me there.

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You know, time is an

@ Dancingfool - You know, time is an interesting thing. I left Christianity like 5 years ago, roughly. I fell away from praying, and grew indifferent to the idea of a deity existing at all, and definitely didn't care much about Jesus, or to even discuss the topic of religion. I wasn't angry, I had grown indifferent. Most of my friends are atheists, so it was a relatively easy ''conclusion'' that I had come to. There have been people who have told me that I was never a ''real'' atheist, since I returned to faith. I never really paid much attention to that, until recently, I came back to faith a little over a year ago due to an experience of faith, call it the Holy Spirit, from a believer's perspective. Now, I'd say, maybe all of those people were right. While I did grow indifferent and identified as an atheist, there was a deep longing to find a deity. There was a deep yearning to not let this be it. I think that I never fully let go of the hope that a God exists, and so I had searched through other religions, and came up flat. I had still identified as an atheist but there was that pulling to want to believe, maybe. I had an experience of faith, and came back to Christianity. But, I will admit now that maybe I wasn't fully convicted in my atheism, I always felt uncomfortable not believing. Just being honest. There's a lot more to my backstory, but that's the gist of it. :) Thank you for asking.

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@ Deidre

@ Deidre
Remember our conversations about this? I was one that said that you were never a true atheist. I probably made you mad being the mean old man that I am...sorry 'bout that. I never felt that you had left christianity. Just how I felt about it. I am not saying "I told you so". I don't have an ego and don't care to get credit for anything. My goal was to get you to answer your nagging question for yourself, not for me, not for the forum. I am just glad that you found comfort.

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I John is still still holding

I see John is still holding fast to notions of a god. The AR's own stalwart of hope. Good for you and the repose you gently foster for even-handedness. I enjoy your contribution here, albeit in a diametrically opposed way.

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there is nothing wrong with

there is nothing wrong with having and seeking knowledge, it`s what you do with that knowledge is what counts.the gospel writers were not saying that we should act like children but when it comes to faith cherish it like a new like a child.we are to be as innocent as doves but wise also.There is nothing wrong that I see anyway with proclaiming faith and praying on your knees.I t doesn`t make you less of a person.all of the disciples face martyr deaths, so they weren`t behaving as children, In fact they boldly accepted it.christianity is not of this world, the bible teaches to seek that which is above to renounce the thinks of pleasure and take of your cross dailey and follow jesus.

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@science follower: You're a

@science follower: You're a hypocrite, we've linked you books, articles, we've quoted philosophers, thinkers... you just quote the bible and don't even quote it well.

I challenge you to quote any other book than the bible to defend your point of view. C'mon.

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tell me sb what part of my

tell me sb what part of my biblical quotes do you have problems with.CS Lewis in mere Christianity I quote from, do you have a problem with the greatest apologist from the 20th century?And there are many others.Look at Dediras post she found nothing in being an atheist.The great scientist Collins the head of the Genome project is a theist.The great Englishman Anthony Flew renounced Atheism, And I can go on and on.My friend you have nothing when you profess atheism.Tell me how are you enjoying this Easter Sunday. I guess you and a whole lot of your elk a just miserable.

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@science follower: I'm sorry,

@science follower: I'm sorry, and I'm serious, I've not understood anything you've written. Can you write more slowly? Repeat, I'm serious. Don't get nervous, we're just talking, write quietly, the same as you wanted to say, but slowly.

Did you call me miserable elk??? Ôo)-~

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the post in summation states

the post in summation states that atheism leads to nihilism I sited Anthony flew who before he passed was an ardent atheist, who eventually turned to theism, I also mentioned cs lewis the great apologist of the 20th century in his book mere Christianity. so you see sb there are sources outside the bible text.

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@science follower: well, if

@science follower: well, if that's true quotes their texts.

Miserable elk??? Really??? ¬¬)-~

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okay sb the first is there is

okay sb the first is there is a GOD by Anthony Flew how a notorious atheist came to believe in god. And the second is by Francis Collins head of the Genome project in Maryland. you could read these on amazon.I rest my case and to throw in the third one is by peter hitchens the brother of late Christopher hitchens.

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Easter = the zombie holiday.

Easter = the zombie holiday.

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this is the transcript of the interview to Mr. Flew about his sudden change of view

"Flew: I should clarify that I am a deist. I do not accept any claim of divine revelation though I would be happy to study any such claim (and continue to do so in the case of Christianity). For the deist, the existence of evil does not pose a problem because the deist God does not intervene in the affairs of the world. The religious theist, of course, can turn to the free-will defense (in fact I am the one who first coined the phrase free-will defense). Another relatively recent change in my philosophical views is my affirmation of the freedom of the will."

The belief that God has created the universe but remains apart from it and permits his creation to administer itself through natural laws. Deism thus rejects the supernatural aspects of religion, such as belief in revelation in the Bible, and stresses the importance of ethical conduct.

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I personally think that

I personally think that knowledge is power.

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I agree with the previous

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Well i don't think that

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I wouldn't agree to this,

I wouldn't agree to this, because knowledge can give you a lot of opportunities


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