(Late) A Little Something for IBD

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(Late) A Little Something for IBD

I originally meant to post this on International Blasphemy Day, but due to a lack of service I could not.

I would like to share a video with you. This video was posted by JonTron, a YouTuber who does reactions to movies and retro games, among other things. This video is his reaction to the movie "Dark Dungeons", based off the Chick Tract of the same name. I'm sure a few of my fellow atheists know what I'm talking about, but for those who don't, a " Chick Tract" is a short evangelical "literary" work written by American publisher Jack T. Chick. These mostly deal with the "folly of man" and how to best avoid gods wrath. The "Dark Dungeons" tract in particular focused on the dangers of playing Dungeons and Dragons. That's right folks. D and D will get you sent to hell.


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Thank you for this gem. I've

Thank you for this gem. I've only seen john tron on the game grumps. Which I watch very occasionally. This was awesome.

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