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A letter

I'm going to tape this to the doors of my church when I move out, please read and give me comments.

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I second that motion.

I second that motion.

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Harry has now become our

Harry has now become our resident hit and run poster. I think that qualifies him as a troll.

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That is not true-

That is not true-

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letter -Latter on, about a

letter -Latter on, about a few months after this, I found out that the NT was actually written, not by Jesus, but by Constantine.

This single sentence contains two facepalms:

  • That until recently you thought the New Testament was written by Jesus. You are literally the first person I have ever met that believed that. You must be seriously insane.
  • That you now think it was written by Constantine

.Additional LOL's:

  • That you think Moses was a real person
  • Your random use of capitalization

Reads just like the rantings of your typically crazy person.

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My hope for Harry died when

My hope for Harry died when he showed that he uses The History Channel as a source of information. About dousing for remains of "giants", no less.

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The History Channel is one of the most credible sources in the world! Almost as credible as Alex Jones even-

Hope for what? Harry is dead, this is just an alias. I'm like Faul,
PAUL is dead, but Faul lives on, under the alias of Paul Mcartney

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Troll alert. Any reference

Troll alert. Any reference to the history channel as credible proves it

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A textual error, I always

A textual error, I always knew that Jesus didn't write the NT, I was just bringing this up.
Further, Constantine didn't write the NT, he eddited and tampered with it, but ultimatelyy he decided what it did and did not say.

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If you don't think

If you don't think Constantine wrote the NT, you should probably change that sentence where you said he did. I'm just saying...

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What a whiney baby! If you

What a whiney baby! If you want to leave christianity, just do it. Don't scream for attention. You have been a whiney baby on this forum and I bet you have been a whiney baby everywhere you have been. If you need attention, call your mom. She should tell you to grow up.

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The author of this letter is

The author of this letter is dancing on the head of a pin. Forgiving. Forgiveness. Who cares? There is no proof or good evidence that god exists. So there is no reason to believe that an old book was written or inspired by a god. And there is no reason to believe that the book we see today which as we all know was voted on and is nothing more than copies of copies of copies of translations from unknown authors is accurate or true or valid. So get off the head of the pin and simply acknowledge that the book is full of horrors and contradictions, advocates slavery and mass genocide, and that any god worthy of the name would not want or need our worship and would certainly not want or need sacrifices and burnt offerings. Just walk away from this bullshit and save the theology debate for the theists

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Hello, this is an

Hello, this is an interesting letter to read. What is more, I appreciate how the writer wrote it. Another moment I liked was how the personal argument was provided. When I was in college it was rather hard for me in composing my own point of view. Quite often I needed essay revision and l luckily after some time I came across this source which helped me to do it quicker and more efficiently.

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This is a letter worth https:

This is a letter worth https://subwaysurf.io reading and I think anything historical is worth cherishing.

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