'Liberal media bias' yuck just typing that made me feel dirty.

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'Liberal media bias' yuck just typing that made me feel dirty.

Am i the only one who is sick to death hearing that damn phrase. Ive even seen people claim liberal media bias is the result of communist plans to conquer america obviously the clue here is things like accepting evolution and gay marriage.
Fox news only tells the truth 18% of the time its completely under control of the republicans (ill include some sources) the republicans seem to have forgotten its the job of reporters to report the news.
So when republicans say and do things that show they are basically just bible thumping ignorant drooling sexist racist homophobic bigots the news channels will fking report on it. All except fox ofc who's job is to spin the deranged ramblings of madmen.
If you act like twats the news will report you acted like twats the only bias i see is that of the truth.
The first source is a story the second is a video they cite the fact checking site that discovered this shocking statistic the shock ofc is that 18% of fox news is actually fact based bloody shocked me lol.



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Sorry i forgot to type

Sorry i forgot to type batshit crazy before the word bigots.

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You also forgot to call it

You also forgot to call it faux news. Americas most respected fake news site.

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18% is a unbelievable and I

18% is a unbelievable and I guess shocking amount of fact based news to be coming out of them in my opinion too, were they behind this study I would think the number would be closer to 10% factual based news and 90% fictional based.

Faux news will create a lie and then present opinion piece after opinion piece based on that lie presented as news which is usually made to make democrats or liberal look bad. It's definitely fake news designed for Republicans just like NBC is biased toward Democrats faux is way more dishonest though.

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The difference is we don't

The difference is we don't hear democrats going all over forums moaning that fox news is biased conservative media no they would rather prove each story wrong one at a time.
On one forum i read a conservative claim since the media is obviously liberally biased freedom of speech should be removed from the constitution.
I would lol but thats serious shit to even consider just look at countries where free speech is outlawed.

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The bad news: All news is

The bad news: All news is biased. Some is liberal; some is conservative. All of it is shaded in one way or another. It depends on the political views of the owners and the sponsors. Most of the conservative newscasters like O'Reilly and Limbaugh are just doing a schtick. They'll take whatever side will in the long run make them the most money and gain them the most listeners.

The good news: Anyone with any brains knows that. Anyone with any brains trust media sources about 10%. Listen to them all and gleam out the pertinent facts.

Some more bad news: Only about 20% or so of the population takes time to do that. Most of the population listen to one source and believe it.

Proof: I used to work in television.

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What am I supposed to debate

What am I supposed to debate on this topic?

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"Reality has a well-known

"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." --stephen colbert

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Speaking of Faux news:

Speaking of Faux news:


I do feel a teacher taking the bible away from the student and saying "those books" referring to religious books are not permitted in her classroom is a violation of this kids constitutional rights. This teacher should not be allowed to tell a person their religious book is not allowed in her classroom or any public setting for that matter. Park lakes Elementary is a pk-5 located in Lauderdale Lakes Fl not Fort Lauderdale and it is a public school, as such a teacher or school working for the public should not be able to force kids to pledge of allegiance to a god and should not force kids to pray or read or listen to or study any bible or religious material. Nor it should also not have a say in the matter if a kid chooses to read a bible of his own accord or to bring a bible into any public setting so long as the reader reads the bible quietly and to themselves and does not disrupt the classes or curriculum with it. outside of the class or curriculum a student should even be allowed to speak about religion all they wish to. Teachers or schools should not be able say a kid can not have a bible or other religious book if the kid chooses to. Any of these things would be a 1st amendment violation.

In this case, and assuming this has not been slanted or targeted to rile the conservative bible thumper types (a grand assumption considering its source), I actually think this kid should be allowed to have his bible in school, I do feel any reading material the kid chooses should be allowed to brought in and owned as long as it is not adult reading material such as porn which kids are not legally allowed to have anyway. Students should be able to read what ever they choose during any reading time where they are allowed to choose their own book. I am not sure exactly what happened in this case which is almost always the case when I see something aired by faux news. But honestly, I am forced to wonder, especially after hearing the recording of the teacher if this child was in fact possibly reading the Bible while he was supposed to be paying attention elsewhere. I do feel children should pay attention in school and if a teacher tells you to put something away because they feel you are distracted by it from the curriculum and you as a student should do as your told, if the student does not listen I feel it should be allowed for a teacher to take what they feel is distracting you from the curriculum away from you so long as it is returned to you when class is over.

I actually based on the message left by the teacher alone would have to side with the student the student's family and The Liberty Institute and Advocacy Group in this case.

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Yup the republican party has

Yup the republican party has devolved into just an arm of the christian religious organisation.
Not long ago a republican senator was caught supporting a group that wants to secede the south and turn it into a christian theocracy lol

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Not voting!? That's exactly

Not voting!? That's exactly what the GOP wants, based on the restrictive laws that GOP majority held states, have passed.

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Also not all conservatives

Also not all conservatives are in the GOP. Not every conservative is bible thumping, NRA member, Ayn Rand loving stereotype.

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Agreed! not all conservatives

Agreed! not all conservatives are, I am more conservative than one would think and I'm not any of those things but we all know conservatives who are do exist in large numbers.

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Have you guys seen the news

Have you guys seen the news section.
Fox news has declared war on atheism and a christian radio host hopes ebola will kill all the atheists gays and pro abortionists.

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Why the hell are you watching

Why the hell are you watching Faux news?

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I dont i get notified

I dont i get notified whenever faux says something about atheist.

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I do not take any of the news

I do not take any of the news organizations seriously. I minimize my exposure the media as much as possible. I learn about the world by reading books...the media will simply pollute your mind.

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