Life After Death

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Life After Death

Is there something to look out for after our body ceased to function? I have a strong urge to try it out myself, but before doing anything reckless that can cause me my life i would like to get as many opinions as possible. I am a rationalist btw and I believe in dualism as presented by decartes.

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In other forum topics we have

In other forum topics we have talked quite a bit about the subject, it seems many Atheist believe that when we die that's it, our conciseness is over and we are just simply gone some find this comforting. Really though none of know and we really will never know until we go where we can never come back from.

I have spoken here probably more about my near death experience in these forums than I ever set out to.

to ease your mind before you do anything risky consider this, we all will eventually know what comes next but even with my out-of-body experience I can't be sure, after all I came back. Only once I go as far as to the point I can't return will I maybe know what happens. I was also poisoned at the time, so judgement could have been effected. I will say this though I am fully convinced I was outside my body. For more information about my experience you can look through the forums.

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I had an oob once i was in a

I had an oob once i was in a 18hr operation after a lorry ran me over i was whats technically dead but since im still here obviously not totally dead.
I think we still do not fully understand the point at which we are actually gone.

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Right, as long as our neurons

Right, as long as our neurons keep firing with what little electrical current is still inside us, our brains will go on. I wonder how long after we are clinically dead does this happen?

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They say about 4-6 minutes,

They say about 4-6 minutes, but I think that has more to do with the circulatory system than the brain itself.

My curiosity is that if we jumpstart you back up (obviously serious alterations to the system would need to take place, but we've got ways) and shock you, will you still be the same person, and how much so?

It's pretty hard to know, even when talking to someone who appears to be the same person, if they're actually still alive. There have been several... near misses, to put it nicely. But I've seen plenty of severely concussed people and it doesn't look much worse.

I always wonder if, when dealing with AI, the machine knows that it's not really the person we modeled it after. Either way it's scary.

And most importantly, if we can bring you back at any time, were you ever really dead, and does *that* disprove life after death? Or can we live two lives, like a computer mirrors itself?

Whatever, I'm totally leaving life after death alone until I'm dead.

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Its doubtfull anyones checked

Its doubtfull anyones checked since in life and death cases there preoccupied saving lives.
Its not an area you can safely experiment in.
Although i could be wrong about the first paragraph.

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