In light of the season, Do you believe Jesus really existed?

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In light of the season, Do you believe Jesus really existed?

It's that time of year again, some of us may be putting up a Christmas tree, buying presents, you name it. Many of us probably don't attach religion to this particular holiday, but if we do, it is attributed to Jesus. The best proof I can think of for the existence of Jesus would be Near Death Experiences, but as many of you have said, those are not factual evidence. The next piece of evidence we have is the bible. The bible seems to be the only written form of evidence. However, we also have many other Egyptian, Greek, and Cypriot gods and deities long before the time of Jesus. Many of these gods were said by skeptics to have been born on December 25th to a virgin mother, lacking a biological father, but being half human half divine.
One example is Horus. It seems as though skeptics will say that Jesus is a copy of Horus. However, Christians have other ideas, and have evidence which they believe shows that the two are actually quite different.
Here is an example of a Christian site attempting to debunk the similarities:
What do you guys think? Did Jesus really exist?
If the answer is yes, did he get most of his characteristics from mythologies created earlier on? Are these comparisons unwarranted and only biased?
I think there are three possibilities:
1) he did not exist, was purely made up, possibly from a combination of earlier mythical gods
2) there was a normal man named Jesus who was popular, but these miracles were added later
3) it is just a coincidence that these gods from the past have some similarities, no influence from them, Jesus existed, and performed all of the miracles.

I would love to hear any opinions/thoughts/ideas regarding this topic!

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I do not think Jesus existed.

I do not think Jesus existed. A myth like any other. Speaking of other myths, there are more than just the Indo-European myths. There are myths from the Americas, Asia, Africa. What makes Jesus so special?

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The season has nothing to do with it...... currently there is little or no evidence for the existence of Jesus.

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I'll iterate here...the

I'll iterate here...the season does NOT belong to the xtains!

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I'm sure Jesus existed. Jesus

I'm sure Jesus existed. Jesus, or Yeshua, was a common name. Barabbas' first name was also Jesus. I don't believe any of the fantasies woven around the so-called Jesus of Nazareth, though. They're obvious echoes of other Mediterranean myths, such as Horus, Osiris, Dionysus.... Christmas is a Xtian festval grafted onto earlier mid-winter festivals.

However, I do believe in the literal truth of "LIfe of Brian."

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I do believe that jesus

I do believe that jesus existed, but I don`t think that he was God in the flesh.The story of his life the original autographs are not available to us there gone, they were written to many years after he walked the earth, the writers of course had a bias, Nor do I believe that Jesus rose from the dead and others too came out of there graves, Also I don`t believe that jesus is returning to earth,As an agnostic I can`t prove that God doesn`t exist,But the Christian God to me is unacceptable.

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There is no historicity

There is no historicity evidencing any of the biblical theistic characters and events. The bible is the only work that claims itself to be evidence of it and it was written and compiled hundreds of later by the church from contributing writers using the various names in the bible as their pseudonyms (i.e., Mark, Luke, Peter, John, etc)

The jesus character is a sham and the whole of that work (700,000+ words) is nothing but a collection of writings with no secular (public/court/archeological) record of truth to any of them.

As far as the jesus myth goes...

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Fuck no!

Fuck no! And neither do/did the religious authorities. They would have NEVER moved the celebration of the birthdate of the god to the winter solstice if they ACTUALLY believed in their god.

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why do you have to use such

why do you have to use such vulgar language? is that THE only vocabulary that you know?

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I use what you understand.

I use what you understand. You want to edit me now? Tough.

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