Mammoth find

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Mammoth find

I wonder what young Earth creationists and evolution deniers will make of this?

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I think hundreds of these

I think hundreds of these animals have been unearthed so far. From Siberia to Mexico. It seems to me that they were once as common as fleas. The young earth bunch don't deny woolly mammoths. After all, men lived along side the dinosaurs. Haven't you watched the Flintstones?

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@Cog Re: "After all, men

@Cog Re: "After all, men lived along side the dinosaurs. Haven't you watched the Flintstones?"

Wow, dude. I thought you were smarter than that. Pretty damn stupid of you to use a CARTOON as evidence of your inane assertion. It's okay, though. That's why you have ME here to bail out your primitive monkey brain. Here is actual REAL video proof...

NO WAY that can be refuted.

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Oh yea, I have family

Oh yea, I have family pictures that were discovered in the Carlsbad Caverns, of California and have been carbon dated to 1000 BCE. You are spreading FAKE NEWS!

I am personally in possession of thousands of home movie clips. You only have FAKE NEWS Gumbi creatures animated through special effects. Mine are the only real men living along side dinosaurs.

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