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Child-murdering filth!

Save the children. Kill the religions.

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Get ready all the prayer

Get ready all the prayer hashtags.

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Yep some Christian women on

Yep some Christian women on twitter posted this:
"Ariana Grande is promiscuous trash. Whoever blew her up is no doubt protesting her anti-Christian and anti-American views!"
Dumbass bitch!

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Islam is the self proclaimed

Islam is the self proclaimed religion of peace. This is what happens when people believe in nonsense

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The hard thing for me to

The hard thing for me to understand is how a young person can be persuaded to commit such an act. If there's a demographic that perceives reward in death, how do they acquire that perception?

I know the person who originated this site attempted suicide at a young age because his religion specifically informed him that a young man's death before a certain age guaranteed him heaven. So, he departed a multiple story building. He survived with life changing severe injuries. Then he invested himself into his religion above and beyond the average person of his faith only to summarize it as wrong, in the strictest sense of the word. His religion lead him to kill a good part of himself before arriving at his conclusion.

My fear is man's imagination has strangled his reality and religion is the key antagonist. People live in their fantasies to live out their fantasies. That's on the order of insanity and it's becoming endemic in the Muslim world where their reality leaves them with nothing to lose. That's a prime target for imagination to take hold.

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Here's what one of the Muslim

Here's what one of the Muslim leaders said about the suicide bomber.
"At the mosque, Mohammed Saeed El-Saeiti, the imam at the Didsbury mosque yesterday branded Abedi an dangerous extremist. “Salman showed me the face of hate after my speech on Isis,” said the imam. “He used to show me the face of hate and I could tell this person does not like me. It’s not a surprise to me.”
Salman visited the mosque on a number of occasions to pray, but the imam insisted “he was not my friend, he is not close. I could understand that he was not happy with me because I did combat Isis in that Friday sermon sometimes”.

The imam added: “When he passed by me, we Muslims greet each other and you know he is not happy with me if he doesn’t greet you.”

We have to be careful not to lump all muslims with extremist like this because they are not the enemy and radicals would love it if they think they have that much power.

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@JamieB "We have to be

@JamieB "We have to be careful not to lump all muslims with extremist like this "

Of course. The aim of these radical lunatics is to enrage the public against Muslims so more Muslims will be become radicalized.

But there's a bigger picture. Any organization based on religion or race will inevitably become a breeding ground for extremists. Even "peaceful" Islam or "meek and mild" Christianity are dangerous.

I hope that's the lesson that people will take from the Manchester horror.

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I watched the coverage of

I watched the coverage of this tragedy throughout the day on BBC and CNN. Without a doubt, this was a heinous event.

However, so are the military actions taking place in Syria and Iraq in which it is estimated that 1,000 civilians were killed by USA-led coalition military forces. Why didn't these deaths receive the same air time as the 22 killed in Manchester?

Is it because those killed were dark-skinned? Were the civilian lives lost in Syria and Iraq not as important as the white-skinned people killed in Manchester? Isn't one child's life cut short due to violence -- regardless of where it took place -- a tragedy and a tale of the state of mankind?

Western hegemony doesn't even bother to hide its blatant racism anymore.

Details are emerging about U.S.-led coalition airstrikes that are believed to have killed over 200 people in a single day in Iraq. The U.S.-led coalition has admitted launching airstrikes on March 17 targeting a crowded neighborhood in Mosul. They are among the deadliest U.S. airstrikes in the region since the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. According to some reports, one of these strikes destroyed houses where hundreds of people were taking refuge amid the city’s heavy fighting. Up to 80 civilians, including women and children, may have died in one house’s basement alone. This bombing is just one of an onslaught of U.S.-led coalition airstrikes in Iraq and Syria that has killed as many as 1,000 civilians in March alone, according to the journalistic project Airwars. For more, we speak with Chris Woods, founder of Airwars, a nonprofit group that monitors civilian deaths from international airstrikes in Syria and Iraq.


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Americans don't want to hear about that because they rather believe we are fighting a war against terror. I agree that racism is at its core. I wonder how it feels to be in the military and be part of these murders of civilians. I had a young guy client who had just left the military. I gave him a crazy fire colored mohawk. He had a big tattoo that said "never again" referring to what he had gone through. One of my religious clients told me about this Facebook video that was trending of a 2 year old muslim boy stabbing a teddy bear with a knife. She said with disgust "They are training them so young!" I started laughing because I have a 3 year old that has done much worse, and it brought to mind what my mother told me she did to her barbie dolls as a little kid. She cut their boobs off to see what was inside. My mom is not a boob slasher as an adult thank god lol. Twist the truth slightly and all of us are crazy terrorists. These people are in crises and we are viewing them like our worst enemy. Its insanity.

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Americans don't want to hear

Americans don't want to hear about that because they rather believe we are fighting a war against terror.

Agreed. I have an idea though: let's ask the people of Afganistan, Iraq, Syria and all the refugees fleeing the carnage of the "war on terror" who the largest terrorist organization in the world is. They definitely won't say it is ISIS, the Taliban or any other similar group.

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So true. People need better

So true. People need better glasses because they have no clue

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Totally agree.

Totally agree.

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I cannot really agree that

I cannot really agree that this is automatically racism.

First of all, I do get regular news from Iraq and Syria and it is almost always something about the civilian deaths. I did know that a huge problem in the battle of Mosul is that they cannot bomb in the city because of civilian deaths.

Now, I agree that we got more about Manchester in the last couple of days, but that is because the Syria/Iraq war has been going on for years - it is still horrible, but sadly, it is not news anymore. I don't quite understand why Manchester was such a big news item for 2-3 days considering that all the important facts were available pretty quickly.

Today we had news about Christians killed in Egypt today and that was much smaller, but still very visible.

I am sure people outside Europe/US focus on news about their local areas as they should. This is not racism: we all need more information about local events to function as informed citizens.

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Whether it be racism or

Whether it be racism or religious intolerance the news still needs to get out there. People are driven by hate and Faith. I don't care if these attacks are because god tells them to do it or because they are xenophobic or racist. Same goes for the persecution of homosexuals in Germany. When you look down at earth from space we are all the same. Humans would rather destroy each other than accept or tolerate our differences. We all can do better.

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Rapping for da

Rapping for da

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I agree it sick and twisted.

I agree it sick and twisted.

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You just nerd to stop

You just nerd to stop welcoming in millions of terrorists.

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Religions ruin everything

Religions ruin everything

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@ Charlie

@ Charlie

"@Pita //That's on the order of insanity and it's becoming endemic in the Muslim world where their reality leaves them with nothing to lose. That's a prime target for imagination to take hold...

Are you trying to paint a target on the back's of every Muslim's out there mate.. To stereo type Muslim's in this manner is no different than accusing all white people as racist.. Muslim is a description of race, not religion or anything else.."

I'm painting every last Muslim who has demonstrated a terrorist act as a terrorist. I don't think you can read into what I carefully placed in print an accusation that every Muslim is a terrorist. Those are your words so they must be your thoughts and, as such, the way you think. Please, do yourself a favor and try not to be so transparent next time you throw stones at your world.


Military actions and terrorist actions are distinct is what manner? I don't see one. They set goals and achieve them. The messages they are attempting to convey by exhibiting such extreme intent are pretty much mundane and inarguably selfish. Whether the individual army of one is looking to carry out a personal war against, oh, let's say the compass heading of west, and cobbles up the means and a set of gonads to see it through what has the world lost and what has he gained? No one is going to stop being in or traveling to the west and he will be forgotten in fifteen minutes. Escalate his selfishness by exampling the same act with an army of ten thousand. What is the outcome if not the same? The outcome difference will be one paragraph dedicated to him and maybe a couple pages dedicated to the army in the history books. No one gains, everyone loses but guess what?

Humanity is a species of losers and everything it does evidences that. There's no resolution for that trait, either. People do not really care if people die. No one can convince me they care if some stranger loses his life to the extent that he'd risk his own to save the stranger. That would be convincing but that kind of altruism is non-existent in man's psyche. Military members have been cited for it in the heat of combat but none of the people they're risking themselves for are strangers. Those people are their buds, their brothers in arms and in many instances the people they consider family. Die to save a stringer? Not a human desire much less a trait.

So why all the fake altruism flowing all sticky and gooey on this thread?

Because people love to pretend they're better than that and talk shit. In the heat of the risk looming bold, large and in your face all of you will find your feet and scream like banshees in full retreat pleading for mercy. This is known because its been witnessed since time immemorial from people running full tilt away from the onslaught of the world's conquering hordes. In our time ISIS would have mowed you down without compassion, relieved your corpse of everything of value and tossed it off the road as a monument to themselves. But, that's not just ISIS.

Name every nation that has ever entered into battle that recruited and trained the most dim witted grunts to fight a ground battle and you would see the same reaction to death from them. How many soldiers brought home artifacts from their battles? All of them. That Nazis ceremonial dagger relieved from an WWII German officer's corpse that you remember lying on your grandpa's mantlepiece? How'd he get it in the first place? But, he's your grandpa. He couldn't have been like that!! Right. He might be your hero but he killed people.

My own Pop mowed down innocent groups of women and children North Korea's soldiers hid behind in attempts to retreat. Ever see what one 50-calibre (0.50") bullet does to a person? Being mostly liquid, it makes them explode like a water balloon. In the military we called it the Pink Mist. His airplane had 6 of those 50-caliber machine guns and he used them to mow people down in the thousands with no consciousness other than to complete his assigned Air Force missions. He could clearly see his bullets disintegrating those people in his gun sight with each firing pass. That was in 1952, he was 29 years old. Same guy was a family man and a kind old grandpa to my sons.

Don't even tell me people are ready to save strangers lives by risking their own. Like on this forum, they're all talk and that won't even buy a cup of lousy coffee at Starbucks.

Killing is fun. It has to be because it's been turned into a technological achievement, an art form, a religion and a paycheck. That covers the gamut from science, to art, to worship and to a basic household income.

The demographic of the war-torn areas of the world have reduced the preciousness of life down to nothing. When it's coupled with a religion that promotes killing with eternal reward it becomes easy to be persuaded to kill and die for it. The Muslim religion, in particular, rewards this kind of behavior by promising to take care of your surviving family for life. Whether you believe in the religious promises awaiting you in the after life or not, you go to your death knowing that it will bring a better life to your family than you could provide for them in life. This is a huge motivator when your normal livelihood has been made impossible by war, conscription and separation from your family.

Then there are the zealots, the individuals who have absolutely no horse in the race, live thousands of miles from the war zones and have stable, comfortable and meaningful lives waiting for them. Then, inexplicably, they blow themselves up in peaceful, populated places with horrible collateral damage and for what possible gain? If not by suicide, they drive a truck into a gathering or wield a gun or detonate IEDs. This is plain cowardice.

So, we have frequent military and terror acts killing people with equal intent and resolve. The military will attempt to exonerate itself by whatever rhetoric it scripts. The terror merchants spew the same crap. It comes down to only one thing: Killing is fun. People love their fun so I doubt dubious words of righteousness from this place or any others are going to convince fun seekers of the errors of their ways because, simply stated, they aren't wrong and they know it.

Humans have no purpose, act like they do, promote themselves as important, kill to prove it and if killing to prove it is acceptable then killing for no reason at all is licensed.

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Thank you for sharing the

Thank you for sharing the stories about your father. Did you ask him if killing was fun? ... I agree with you that I am mostly unwilling to risk my life to save others, I have not written in this thread about altruism and I do not think I am very altruistic.

On the other hand I must say the nihilistic sorrow and absolute coldness in your text is not the only alternative to altruistically sacrificing yourself for others. There are other things in between. I would buy you a cup of coffee, but I fear there is an ocean between us.

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Manchester victim mom pleads

Manchester victim mom pleads for unity.

Zeldala's picture may inspire children to be more inventive and spirited, and playing it may be enjoyable for everyone. The fact that this writing is so unique intrigues me, and I believe it's advantageous.

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