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You mean for people who want

You mean for people who want to depict left wing liberals as analogous to the worst negative stereotype they can find. That's like saying all right wing conservatives are fascists. It's just a lazy glib piece of political rhetoric as far as I can see. I'd have no problem being described as a left wing liberal, but I have about as much in common with that woman as I do with Donald Trump.

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You're citing the behaviour

You're citing the behaviour of individuals, then trying to use that as a generalisation to created negative stereotype of anyone who identifies with left wing politics.

Then equally absurdly making sweeping but positive generalisations about the right.

Right good, left bad, is not a compelling argument I'm afraid. It's not even an argument, merely biased rhetoric. What's more your claim is absurdly debunked by the examples of several posters here openly identifying with the left.

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@Term-dog Re: Trigglypuff

@Term-dog Re: Trigglypuff

Well....oh, my..... that was, uh.... well, it was..... hmmm.... er-uh.... so, that - ummmm - that "individual" was Trigglypuff, huh?.... Well now.... yyyyyep.... well.... So, alrighty then....*scanning the area for a brick wall on which to bang my head*

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@Tin Man

@Tin Man

They say context is everything, so I thought I'd give some on the Triggly Puff video, but if you don't mind I dislike the term "Triggly Puff", so I'm going to refer to the young woman as the young woman from here on in.

Apparently the event was something called "The Triggering: Has Political Correctness Gone too Far?" It was hosted by the UMass GOP at UMass Amherst a couple of years ago. Speakers were Christina Hoff Sommers, Milo Yiannopoulos and Steven Crowder.

Here's a report on it in UMass's student newspaper:

Milo's name might ring a bell with you. He's the former senior editor of Brietbart News. He's Alt-Right- not conservative. Apparently his opening remarks at the Triggering were "Feminism is cancer!", which doesn't really surprise me: I've known a few misogynistic gay blokes in my time - the sort who sneered "Who brought the fish?" if a woman turned up at one of their parties. Milo's a practising Catholic, he's all for the church - and its paedophiles: they're the reason Milo gives good head, apparently. Here he is telling Joe Rogan about it while protecting the identity of the paedophile priest and all the other paedophiles who taught young Milo how to give good head:

Milo had a huge platform for awhile. He was everywhere, all over the media- until his interview with Joe Rogan resurfaced. Brietbart sacked him. The Alt-Right reluctantly disowned him. Nobody wanted to talk to him anymore. Poor Milo. The LGBT community will miss having him around telling them they choose to be gay because it's naughty and sinful.

Christina Hoff Sommers is an American Enterprise Institute scholar.

She's renowned for claiming the gender wage gap doesn't exist- and she can prove it. It's simple. You just remove all the social factors involved- like women being the ones who stay out of the workforce to raise children or care for elderly relatives, and the lower pay rates of predominantly female industries- and the pay gap disappears! (I'm pretty sure Penn & Teller did the same trick in Vegas.) Christina writes for Time, Slate, the Atlantic, and the New York Times. I think the lady has quite a big platform to squawk her ideas from- much bigger than the young woman's, for example.

Steven Crowder is a conservative comedian. Here's an example of his comedy:

Out and Prouder with Crowder

“”cross dressing to own the libs
going on hormones to own the libs
getting FFS to own the libs
getting SRS to own the libs
finally being comfortable living as myself to own the libs


Crowder frequently cross-dresses as a way to "expose" the libs. Hilarious, isn't he? He has a decent platform, too. He's a regular on Fox news and writes for Brietbart.

And finally, to wash the vile taste of fat shaming ad homs out of our mouths, here's funny, fat feminist Urzila Carlson on spiders and things:

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Gender wage gap is really

Gender wage gap is really poor univariate analysis, it has no validity outside gender studies propaganda.

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The gender wage gap is

The gender wage gap is propaganda because it does not consider any explanations like life choices, preferences, qualifications, amount of work done, quity, consumer preferences,.

There are any number of X wage gaps.

The gender wage gap was a shit study done poorly by feminist propaganda merchants.

What about the left handed wage gap, the moustached men wage gap, the intellectually disabled wage gap, the pimple on left butt cheek wage gap.

If women do shit degrees in liberal arts and gender studies and avoid the hard demanding course as they do on average then don't whine that you prolly gonna earn less money.

In fact if you can find any women getting paid less than a man for the same job that employer is getting massive fines because it's fucking illegal.

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Re: " The gender wage gap is propaganda because it does not consider any explanations like life choices, preferences, qualifications, amount of work done, quity, consumer preferences."

Yeah..nah. They DO do actually. Try reading the articles I gave you and doing a little research- saying "The gender wage gap was a shit study done poorly by feminist propaganda merchants." over and over again don't make it true- haven't you experienced enough of that from Christians to realise it? NONE of the sources I gave you are feminist organisations. Most of them are right wing, conservatives. And I gave you links to SEVERAL studies.

I've already given you this link,

but you either didn't bother to read it or were wearing your confirmation bias goggles and dismissed it out of hand as "feminist propaganda" - in a centre right biased magazine with a reputation for highly factual reporting and - links to LOTS of studies. Let's have a closer look at what it has to say, shall we?

Myth: 'Well, women must be paid less because they have less experience.
While experience can play a role in the gap, it can’t be used to explain away the phenomenon. Consider a new study from Hired, reported by Recode, which shows that, in certain industries, the wage gap actually grows as women gain experience.'

Myth: 'Okay, so I guess women are paid less because they have less education.
While men once outpaced women in educational achievement, the tables have turned. In fact, women started out-earning men in terms of bachelor’s and master’s degrees back in 1980, and by the 2000s, more women earned doctoral degrees than men.'

Myth: 'Fine. It must be that women don’t ask for raises.
There are some polls and studies that suggest that, yes, women are less likely than men to ask for raises or to negotiate their salary. But there’s also evidence that the women who do ask don’t actually see the benefits that men do.'

Myth: 'Maybe women are paid less because of the kinds of jobs they take.
This one is actually a major factor in the pay gap. In fact, one Glassdoor analysis attributed 54% of the U.S. gender wage gap to “different jobs or industries,” meaning that men are more likely—for a host of reasons—to end up in higher-paying fields or with higher-paying job titles.

Yet even that analysis could not find concrete explanations for the full scale of the gap. Indeed, even when controlling for type of job, education, and experience, the Glassdoor researchers found that 33% of the pay gap remains “unexplained.”'

And now let's explore preferences, choices and time out of the work force bit a little. What are trying to say, TermDog? That women go out at night, armed with baseball bats and turkey basters, knock good men down, steal their precious bodily fluids, deliberately knock themselves up and choose to raise the children- no male input involved? Are you saying men are queuing up, desperate to be the ones home with the shitty nappies and the week's school canteen roster, but these selfish feminist bitches just won't let them? And in later years, when the shitty nappies belong to an elderly relative with dementia and the roster is the week's medical appointments, are you saying men are queued up to take that on, too?

The gender pay gap exists because women are stuck with the carers role, TermDog. Why? Because men won't do it! It's not feminist propaganda, it's common fucking sense!

It's ironic. Right wingers are the first to whinge about the decline of family values, the first to whine "But think of the children!", but the gender pay gap exposes just how few fucks they really give about raising children or caring for family members. The gender that does the raising and the caring gets fuck all for it.

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Just simple, post name and

Just simple, post name and address of organisation paying a man more wages than a women for the same job and you indisputably win the argument.

Assume here we are talking about the developed world. I don't even know the laws in other countries than mine so you have one simple task to compete to win this argument.

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@ TD

@ TD
I don't know what jurisdiction you are in but details of companies pay structures official and unofficial are covered by Privacy legislation and commercial confidentiality so details of non compliance is difficult to get hold of and in many cases illegal to publish on a site like this.

However you might find this site illuminating, it does require actual reading , not skimming, so you might find that a bit beyond your gonad recharge facility, but I am sure if you intersperse some solid actual research with your usual pornhub habit, (after all that's what Real Men do isn't it?) you will see that underpayment of women is common in many sectors. You asked for particulars, here they are. Its a legal document from the Fair Work Commission in Western Australia, some company names have been redacted, but enough are there for your edification if not complete humiliation.

Have a lovely night.

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Lol, the equivalent of a Gish

Lol, the equivalent of a Gish Gallop, $100 you never read a word. Quote directly the section that shows men get paid more than women for the same job.

The docs I looked at spent most of the time arguing over how to even measure the pay gap, not one measurement method was considered reliable.

The articles in looked at referred to earnings and admitted they are not comparing the same working hours or jobs.

Even admitted that lower paid women are doing lower paid jobs men in those lower paid jobs get the same pay.

Here are some of the problems they state;


disproportionate participation in part-time and casual employment leading to few opportunities for skill development and advancement resulting in a concentration of women in lower level classifications;

● invisibility of women’s skills and status leading to an undervaluation of women’s work and the failure to re-assess changing nature of work and skill; unrecognised skills described as creative, nurturing, caring and so forth;

● labour market tenure and engagement, and more precarious attachment to the workforce;

● industry and occupational composition and segregation factors attributable to geography and desirability of work;

● sex discrimination and sexual harassment;

● concentrated in award-reliant employment with less opportunity to collectively bargain for higher wages, working in small workplaces and with low union participation;

● treatment by industrial tribunals and regulation; and the misguided belief that if men and women are subject to the same laws, rules and conditions, then equality will result;

● women’s apparent higher job satisfaction with work at a given wage level means employers less likely to feel under pressure to improve wages for employees. Trade off between monetary rewards and non-monetary rewards;

● working in service rather than product related markets;

● poor recognition of qualifications, including vastly different remuneration scales for occupations requiring similar qualifications and the way that ‘work’ and how we value work is understood and interpreted within the industrial system; and

● women receive lower levels of discretionary payment such as overaward payments, bonuses, commissions and service increments and profit sharing, partly because in the industries where women are employed, overaward payments are not usually available."

You have linked hundreds of documents but failed to show one that proves men get paid more than women for the same job. You post your standard derogatory quipp about me as well in place of an argument.

You have not produced a rebuttal because you can't. I know you can't because a pay gap does not exist.

Comparing different jobs is pure dishonesty.

The left really is stuck in the mire.

You are trying to make a myth a reality, your banquet of articles only proves it.

You poor man.

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Terminal Dogma - I know you

Terminal Dogma - I know you can't because a pay gap does not exist.

The document zhe linked had a section of specific examples of this.

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Then cut and paste them.

Then cut and paste them.

The employer will be fined to oblivion if true.

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Terminal Dogma - I know you

Terminal Dogma - I know you can't because a pay gap does not exist.

Terminal Dogma - The employer will be fined to oblivion if true.

How can they be fined if (as you said) there is no pay gap?

Maybe you should get your story straight.

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Er duh if any employer was

Er duh if any employer was paying a women less than a man for same job they would be breaking the law I posted the relevant federal law.

Nice try at evasion.

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@ TD

@ TD

You really are a tiresome little *draws breath* confirmation biased person...did you not read the accusations and the judgements or only the reasonings for gender gaps overall? These are actual court cases and the judgements, what you read was the defence background *sigh*

These are actual court judgements where companies have failed to pay equally for the same job based on gender. Please, learn to read and comprehend what you read. As it is you seem to have the comprehension ability of a 9 year old.

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@Old Man

@Old Man
His copy/paste job was rather interesting . I don't think I've ever seen one so long on bullet points, yet so short on comprehension of those bullet points. It takes a special kind of mind to make your opponent's case for him and call it victory.


Attach Image/Video?: 

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@sushi, ha first article I

@sushi, ha first article I looked at an opinion piece that removed the link to the source - convenient.

And what did they come up with remarkably - single mothers on welfare are poorer than single men .notice it doesn't say they earn less ..holey fuk a feminist writer discovered that all by herself and its the fault of the patriarchy that women choose to make babies and live on welfare money as a career and then they ask for more money because these poor women produce children with problems that burden the educational, court, health systems as well.

Here is a thought, stop fucking breeding and expecting The welfare system to keep handing you money.


When I need another dose of parasitic socially irresponsible intellectually dishonest femazoid propaganda will randomly pick another link.

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When women make exactly the

When women make exactly the same decisions as men with respect to hours worked, job occupation, education level, what they major in college, decision to have kids, etc., then they are paid practically the same thing as men.

And there are even statistics out there showing that women out of college get paid more than men do out of college.

I can't believe that there are people who label themselves skeptics and rationalists who believe outrageous things like women getting paid less than men for doing the same work. Absolutely ridiculous.

I hate to sound like a broken record but here is yet again more evidence that the atheist movement has been hijacked by SJWs.

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The atheist movement? WTF is

The atheist movement? WTF is that?

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i drop my jaw reading the

i drop my jaw reading the post really....

then my brain started to distort...(*drooling*)

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Post failed.

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You said:  " sushi, ha first article I looked at an opinion piece that removed the link to the source - convenient"

Then why don't you try one of the other five I gave you in my post Thu, 05/17/2018 - 16:13
(Reply to #175), you drongo? 

How about this one:
Clearly NOT an opinion piece.

Or this one:
It's not an opinion piece, either.

Or try the link to the US Census Bureau in this one:
and wait for PDF download from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you have a PDF reader you'll have the download in seconds.  If you're unfamiliar with PDF readers I won't be surprised in the slightest.

You said:  "... women choose to make babies and live on welfare money as a career"
Can you evidence this claim, please? Facts and figures with citation/links, thanks- not more bald assertions and right wing rants.

You said: " Just simple, post name and address of organisation paying a man more wages than a women for the same job and you indisputably win the argument."

Here you go, Sunshine- too easy:

Nine Network Australia
24 Artarmon Road,
Willoughby, Sydney, NSW 2068.

British Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcasting House
Portland Place.
London. W1A 1AA.

E! Entertainment
111 Universal Hollywood Dr,
Los Angeles, CA 90068, USA

I win the argument- indisputably.

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What a waste, @oldman you are

What a waste, @oldman you are a slimey fucker posting that shit, I gave you the benefit of the don't and read over 100 paragraphs and it was just a bunch of judges and legislator's trying to define into existence a gender pay gap. Australian tax payers spending millions on lawyers to try to conjure something into existence what an epic fail.

It did say that pay is by law the same for everyone in the same job s;

The 1972 decision embraced the broader principle of ‘equal pay for work of equal value’, as embodied in the ILO’s Equal Remuneration Convention of 1951. The 1974 National Wage Case40 subsequently accepted that the minimum wage for award-covered workers should be the same for men and women."

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@ TD

@ TD

"What a waste"
So you didn't read the judgements? That is official legal documentation containing several judgements, the defence, the prosecution and the background to each decision. Nobody trying to "define into existence". The legislation existed but it needs to be tested in a court of law to find its application and scope. That is true for all legislation. You really need to understand the system of government you work under. So far you have demonstrated such monumental ignorance of how legislation works that I despair of your ability to read anything more complex than an advertisement for Oreos.

You asked for examples. You got them. And now you abuse me? You should be apologising to Sushi and me. But that is too much for "masculine pride" I expect.

Reading evidence is a chore for you? God help us if you ever get jury duty then. You would take one look at color or gender and make the decision before the swearing in.

Yep you are right, expecting any decency, empathy, common sense or a balanced approach from you is just a complete waste of time. Done my dash. Oh, that Mykob4 was still here. Perhaps someone else will channel him this time.

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IYO, what would be the worst thing to happen if data actually show that there is a gender pay gap? What would be the best thing to happen?

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Uh oh, some of the atheists

Uh oh, some of the atheists here are starting to realize that their movement has been hijacked by SJWs who live for propagating lies like the gender pay gap myth.

*grabs popcorn*

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I will iterate: WTF is ‘the

I will iterate: WTF is ‘the atheist movement’?

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"I will iterate: WTF is ‘the

"I will iterate: WTF is ‘the atheist movement’?"

What else don't you know?


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