A Matter Of Law

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A Matter Of Law

I don't think that law based on any form of theism benefits humanity but many people do. So theist, atheist, and everyone in between lets discuss this.

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I think most of our law are

I think most of our law are based on the human standard of morality. It has nothing to do with theism although both of them discusses the importance of morality.

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Theism and religion hinders

Theism and religion hinders law because if there is any old dogma that goes against morality, it becomes harder to implement as a law.

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Yes definatly be thankful we

Yes definatly be thankful we live in places where religion dont make the laws weve seen what happens when they do!! And its not pretty!!!

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There are a lot of laws in

There are a lot of laws in the U.S. (and so many other countries) that are there because of religion. We are making slow progress, far too slow for my taste, but it is what it is.

I find these laws damaging, partial, discriminatory, strangling, and horrifying.

There are only a handful of states that recognize same sex marriage. There are only a couple of states that recognize end of life rights (we treat our pets better than we treat our humans). There are places here where the doctor-patient relationship is invaded by law. There are school districts that require (christian) fables taught in science classes.

Statistics indicate that an atheist is less desirable as president than a convicted felon.

It frightens and saddens me. And yet, I've not lost hope that progress will continue.

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You can create a war

You can create a war religions by creating ReliFootball.

Then an atheist will be forced to be president since they will be forced to choose a neutral referee even if they all hate him :P


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Most laws are based on the

Most laws are based on the standard of morality where most theism religions are based too. Except for some of course...

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Yea making gay marriage

Yea making gay marriage illegal making it illegal for atheists to run for political office making it legal to kill a witch. Religion makes great moral laws.

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I am all for there being less

I am all for there being less laws in general I think the jury system mixed with key laws would be a better way to run things than making law after law to review in every single situation.

Don't forget there are lots of laws that go unenforced old and new. I feel making a law and not enforcing it is pretty much like saying hey please don't do this or that. Unenforced laws undermine the authority of those who uphold and enforce the law, but in reality there are to many laws to enforce and to many ridiculous laws to take seriously. I believe unenforced laws should be officially ended.

I think that law should be based on, rather than morals or religious values which I feel can be defined differently, what can be agreed on as certain inalienable rights each person should be entitled to. For example freedom of discrimination, freedom of belief, freedom of property use, freedom of voice, freedom of print, freedom of opinion, ect. ect. I would not mind elaborating on this but only per request.

Above all however, people should be free to live their lives comfortably within heir means in the way they see fit so long as doing so does not infringe upon the right of another person to be able to do the same. Furthermore, I believe people should be allowed to defend this right with deadly force if someone tries to take it from them or infringes on it. The decision as to whether they are justified in doing so should rest on a jury or even a 3 jury system.

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Its not an easy subject.

Its not an easy subject.
I did think for a time all laws should be voted on by the whole country the whole world if possible.
The problem with that is in religious dominated countries ie america you would end up with the dominant religion deciding the laws and we've seen what happens when they do that never again!!!!
Religion in law equals bad shit.
How about having a large group of ethics professionals decide whats ethical and make laws to support that.
There are some laws that all people regardless of religion should agree on.
No killing except in self defence and even then only if there is no other option. Ie shoot to wound should be brought back cops in usa seem to have forgotten about that possibility.
No stealing.
No child abuse.
No rape.
And for gawds sake no Jehovah Witnesses knocking on my fking door.

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Your "shoot to wound" can get

Your "shoot to wound" can get you killed. LE Officers are taught that if they have to resort to using deadly force, they do it to the degree that will stop the perp. Stop is an important word there.

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This is getting interesting.

This is getting interesting.

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Compromise start shooting to

Compromise start shooting to wound unarmed assailents rather than just executing them.

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Are you intimating that LE

Are you intimating that LE officers are all in the habit of shooting unarmed people?

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Ive been trying to find non

Ive been trying to find non racist statistics for how many unarmed men are killed by le officers but the best i can find is a report that 2 Black men are killed every week a large number of those unarmed i can show a large number of individual stories but the problem is the police DONT HAVE TO KEEP A RECORD of unjustified kills.
No one and i mean no one knows the reality of how many people get murdered by the police because the government does not give a shit if they did they would keep a record.

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How many LE officers do you

How many LE officers do you personally know?

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Im not from america so none,

Im not from america so none, all i have are about a friggin million reports to go on. I have even seen video footage clearly showing the man to be unarmed and not a threat but executed.

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According to some sources,

According to some sources, ~600 people died in police shootings in 2011. That's hardly millions. Of those ~600, how many do you think we're 'unjustified'?

Your suggestion that LE Officers in the U.S. are all running amok, killing innocent people is defenseless.

You have said you know no LE Officers. I do. I know some that have had to discharge their weapons in the line of duty. I know what it has done to them. You do not.

I've said this before...are there bad cops? Yes. Unlike you, I happen to know, from experience, that they are few and far between. I also know, from experience, how those rotten apples are dealt with by their fellow officers.

My inclination is to tell you to cut the alarmist, exaggerated, data-less, partial information, distorted, filtered, polarized thinking crap.

And, btw, a little U.S. civics lesson. The federal government does not keep these statistics on behalf of municipal governments. That's the municipality's business. If you want to go ask the ~18,000 LE agencies in the U.S. for the data to prove your "millions of reports", have at it. As you have said so many times to theists, prove it and I'll change my mind.

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I m sorry to have to answer

I m sorry to have to answer it this way, But by and large.in my 85 years it has been painfully clear that laws are based on theological basis, regardless of what religioun is practiced by the authority who passes the law. when it comes to law, we are either outcasts or not considered at all.

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TO ELLIE, This is jst a side

TO ELLIE, This is jst a side issue, ------

I realize that we don't always agree on everything, BUT:


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