MC Yo Wassup VS Atheism

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MC Yo Wassup VS Atheism

I am MC Yo Wassup. I am a 54 y/o rapper from Tucson Arizona. I have been on youtube for three years now and have mostly stayed in the hip hop community. However recently I made my first video concerning the debate that the atheists waste peoples time with. I don't claim to know anything but neither should you claim you know.

I would like to see what the Atheist community here has to say now that I presented this argument to you all. Does this change anyone's mind?

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Oh yeah, totally...

Oh yeah, totally...

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I sense sarcasm

I sense sarcasm

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So you CHOOSE to believe,

So you CHOOSE to believe, good for you, some of us require something a little more conclusive than our faulty pattern-matrixing and appeals to ignorance. I am sorry you took all that time to make a video, come to a forum on a website for atheists, and claim we are wasting your time; seems to me you wasted it perfectly fine on your own. As for me, I KNOW that at least 99% of all the flavors of god mankind has dreamed up over the years is false, as for the one percent I am not certain of, there is no evidence to support it. Thanks for the chuckle at your expense, a little levity helps the stupid go down.

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Your comment was a bit mean

Your comment was a bit mean spirited but my approach with the video was a bit in your face so may have been warranted. You bring up good points two opposing things can't be true thus all faiths can't be true but some faith can be true and all faiths can be partially true but then again none of them maybe true. All these are legitimate possibilities. I do not believe the joke is in me because I humbly admit I don't know while your proudly admit that you do.

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Somethings can be known, like

Somethings can be known, like the fact that there are no spheres with corners or Zeus's on Mount Olympus, it doesn't take humility to think these things exist; it takes gullibility.

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Yo Depends fo the shizzle

Yo Depends fo the shizzle pizzle

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Can't take you seriously

Can't take you seriously brother if you don't take this seriously.

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no, it did not change my mind

no, it did not change my mind

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Why not. Why can't you humbly

Why not. Why can't you humbly admit you cannot rule out the possibility of god?

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Why not? Because there was

Why not? Because there was nothing at all compelling in your video.

As to your second sentence, it is assumptive and therefore quite rude.

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You seem to misunderstand

You seem to misunderstand atheism: Atheism isn't a "claim to know" at all. Atheism is the absence of belief that any deities exist. It is lack of belief due to lack of evidence.

By evidence I don't mean 100% proven facts. I mean supporting evidence.

The basic atheist position is that we lack evidence that supports the idea that there is any god, and with a complete absence of evidence there is nothing to believe in. We lack evidence in garden fairies and Santa Claus as well, and I do not believe in them either.
Some define that "strong atheism" is the position that "there are no gods", but there is no evidence for that either (but a very strong indication the other way).

Agnosticism on the other hand, is a claim about knowledge. It states that we do not know, and perhaps can not know.

Perhaps you are thinking of anti-theism, that is someone who opposes belief in the existence of gods.
Or as I would rather define it, to quote Hitchens: "I hold that the influence of churches, and the effect of religious belief, is positively harmful."
But that is less of a statement of knowledge about the existence of god or belief in a god, and more a statement of opinion about the religions and their religious establishments.

I am an agnostic anti-theist atheist.
And no, you do not change my mind. Sorry but I couldn't even make it through the video.

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Oops, I did it again: t̶h̶e̶

Oops, I did it again: t̶h̶e̶ ̶o̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ ̶w̶a̶y̶

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That video is worse than the

That video is worse than the work of Venomfangx. Please keep making videos, like Venom you inspire people on the fence to the atheist side.

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People has right to waste

People has right to waste their time wherever they want it to. Expressing our beliefs is never a waste of effort if it can make us feel better.

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