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Meditation is a way of relaxing the mind and the body as well. It’s one way of connecting to our subconscious and freeing ourselves from stress. The bible mentioned it a lot of times and pertain it as one way of praying and connecting to god. Does meditation can be considered as one way of prayer?

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Meditation has nothing to do

Meditation has nothing to do with prayer to me. When you meditate you are clearing your mind in order to have a better understanding and control of your own emotions.

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That's how I understand

That's how I understand meditation too. I just don't know why the bible uses the term 'meditation when conversing to god or to the holy spirit.+

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Meditation is a great tool if

Meditation is a great tool if used properly. It can clear your head of many troubles. I guess for those who pray it's a great moment to do so.

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Meditation is almost an art

Meditation is almost an art form. Our minds need to be trained in order to meditate properly. I suppose that prayer is also more meaningful if someone is in a state of meditation. Not that it probably does anything as far as communicating with a higher force, but it would be more powerful for the person.

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I believe in the healing

I believe in the healing powers of meditation, and not to be confused with prayer, meditation truly helps you clear your mind and feel better.

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If you truly know how to put

If you truly know how to put yourself in that state of full meditation you wil be able to find out a lot about yourself and how you are really perceived by others, but pyare is a completely different thing.

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Some people believe that you

Some people believe that you can reach astral projection with proper meditation too.

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Some people actually

Some people actually experienced astral projection while meditating and some eventually opened their sixth sense due to frequent meditation. Do anybody here believe in such?

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I think prayer is a kind of

I think prayer is a kind of meditation, but meditation does not necessarily have to be a prayer.

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