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vendetta: "If you don't

vendetta: "If you don't accept my definition of nothing then I will assume that you've another, do you?"

Yes I do. Here is my definition of nothing ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓







Yes I do. Here is my definition of nothing ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑


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In fact it's a white colour,

In fact it's a white colour, over this white colour there is a transparent layer of the glass of my screen then comes the transparent air in the distance between my eyes and that screen also there is light that reflects to make an image for all this to me, which means there are many things you've described them as "nothing", that takes us to the same point which is "nothing" is "something"

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First there is a mountain

First there is a mountain then there is no mountain then there is. Caterpillar sheds his skin to find a bitterly within. The lock upon my garden is a nail that's what it is. And on the garden gate I saw a slimy snail that lay in wait. I picked it up and tossed it across the street and over the gate. It was two years later when there came a knock at my door. Of course I went to the door and opened it. There was that same damn snail and he yelled at me, "What the fuck did you do that for."

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@ vendetta

@ vendetta

And a Black Hole ain't nothing on your brain when comes to being dense.


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In agreement with the others

In agreement with the others who have posted: the universe is essentially polluted with radiation. There is roughly (order of magnitude) 400,000,000 photons in every cubic meter of "empty space" from the surface of last scattering alone (English: cosmic microwave background photons). I'm not talking about theoretical stuff here. These are on-shell (English: real) photons that are measured in all kinds of interesting experiments, every day.

This alone is enough to dispel any notion of a voids. There are places where it might be said that nothing interesting exists or is going on; but those locations have enormous amounts of boring stuff happening.

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You still don't get it.

You still don't get it. "Nothing" is the complete absence of anything, including time.

If you took a vacuum vessel and was able to evacuate every molecule and atom in that container, you have not attained "nothing" inside that vessel.

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I get what you're saying. Today I went to the store because I wanted a bag of apples. I saw what appeared to be some nice apples and bought them but when I got home and tried to eat one I discovered that I had bought a bag of coconuts.

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If you'd bothered to read

If you'd bothered to read your own link you'd know there is NO CURRENT SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS on why people perceive the colours in the dress differently. I see white and gold btw. So you're simply making unevidenced assumptions here.

" my point which is images that you see around you are totally fake."

Objective evidence for that please. The scientific world doesn't know why there is disparate colour perception in this one image, let alone that this means all images we see are fake. So your evidence needs to be pretty compelling, and I also wonder why you haven't published it so the scientific world can be enthralled by your acumen that they lack.

"They're just random images for nothing itself to allow you to differentiate between nothing points while you still part of nothing and all things around you are too."

That's complete vapid gibberish.

"Other creatures see the same world that you live in together as totally different world with different dimensions."

Sigh, Hitchens's razor applied and in the bin that goes with the rest of your unevidenced claims.

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Do you know why it's an


Do you know why it's an approximation and a range, when red could have easily be defined precisely at 675 for example?

Probably because there's nothing in that number that contains redness.

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Although the color red that

Although the color red that you see may be different from the color red that I see, the things that we each perceive to be that color will always be the same. So if I give you a red apple, we'll both agree that it's red, regardless of how our eyes and brains are tuned to see that particularly wavelength. Which means that we can navigate the world and communicate based on our different but parallel frames of reference.

The universe may or may not be real. And solipsism may be an interesting mind game. But reality really feels real, and other people are real enough to be intriguing or annoying. You can try ignoring reality even as it crashes into you and knocks you down. But what's the point? I find it more satisfying to engage.


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The point is that we are the

The point is that we are the creators, we imagine, we have hallucinations.

As humans we trying to realize things that didn't even come yet and this is not a disease, it's how life created. All is just a realization of images we previously created and passed to each other while we still nothing.

We trying to make an image for nothing to be something. This image becomes a full reality later and this is very dangerous. why?

For example we partially realize atoms, later we'll be able to see atoms clearly with our naked eyes. Maybe every atom will be in a different colour. There will be more colours and dimensions because we created the atoms, we imagined them, and brought them to our realization.

If we take another example, will be the god.

God is just a hallucination now but could this hallucination become a reality someday later?


And this is the dangerousness of our realization. That we create. We are the creators. If we still believe in god or any thing that didn't come yet, guess what?

It will come later. It will be a new part of nothing that we realize.

So what we can do? I'm not sure we can stop this unless we understand that mechanism.

Do you still think i'm crazy? wait not yet. I didn't say much, the best is yet to come.

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@ vendetta

@ vendetta

Dude! Give me some that weed...


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Meet me out of the republic,

Meet me out of the republic, maybe we get caught up.

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How to talk to a

How to talk to a schizophrenic. If my fingers could type real words not just symbols of learned socialize instruction which are in and of themselves hallucinations of communicative inequity among humans coming and going, in and out, of mind functioning diseases that attack from outside consciousness and bore into images even before they are images, this human flesh called "I" is an attempt to make something of nothing there but something can be dangerous to the system creating it.

Nothing comes from full reality that is illusion itself of atoms. strings, quarks, and imaginings beyond human ability to imagine and be created and create that which appears and passes for the concerns of a fabrication of naked colors seen with naked eyes in dark rooms absent of the cat once used to explain this predicament. Perhaps the cat is here and it is me. I can not see paws but the purring persists in odors of red, green, orange and blue. The rumble is God's right eye, red, swirling red, but which god? The one who takes hallucination and fantasy and forces them with whips to express themselves in a book or burn. This is a dangerous realization and the animals all run away but for the claws and teeth that rip and tear at flesh when things are quiet but spring to chaos. The judge yelled "Crazy" and banged down his little woolen hammer, once the right toe of some jungle tree that monkeys called home. Still there is much to come but forces of nature have whisked my clothing into the darkness and this pack of flesh was caught up in the current.

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You are crazy vendetta, and

You are crazy vendetta, and massively ignorant of physics.

No one can imagine anything into being from nothing. I am partially versed in physics, astrophysics and astronomy, so your word salad does not impress me, I am not fooled. You preach metaphysics, which is abstract theory or talk with no basis in reality.

We can not ever see atoms because because they are much smaller than the wavelength of visible light, it's much too small to change the way light is reflected. No matter how powerful an optical microscope you use, you can never see atoms.

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Physics is not the new

Physics is not the new religion, science always can be updated, modified or totally changed according to new evidences if they're contradicting it. Current science is just an explanation of life for the current time, In the future I believe that all current sciences will be totally changed according to the new development.

David Killens: No one can imagine anything into being from nothing.

it's more complex than you've described, it takes millions of years to be accomplished that way. I think you've a right view but it is narrow and you are still a prisoner of the current time.

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I got about half way through

I got about half way through it before I said. FTS Stream of consciousness writing has never interested me.

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It's nuts Cog, none of it is

It's nuts Cog, none of it is based on reality.

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Who would have thought, 30

Who would have thought, 30 years ago, we would all be sitting here on AR, chatting away? In them days we had phones with dials, or telegraphs in the country, or smoke signals, or clapping rocks together, or banging on a tree with a stick, a broken stick. Sometimes you didn't even have a stick, you had to use your own head. But you know we were happy in those days. We didn't log into atheist chat sites while injecting heroin and frying on crystal meth as we dropped tabs of acid and huffed glue with a cool glass of psilocybin tea before heading out to school in the morning. But you try to tell the young people of today that, and they won't believe you!

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Attach Image/Video?: 

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Now you would ask how can we


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look like output from that

look like output from that new age generator

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I often think that folks get

I often think that folks get all wrapped up in the likes of what is written in the OP so they can avoid paying attention to their lives.

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Oh shit! That reminds me. I

Oh shit! That reminds me. I have not slept in 3 days.

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That reminds me that the last time I took a shit was sometime in August.

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@ Diotrephes

@ Diotrephes

Instead of taking them, I usually leave them...


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Yea, I know what you mean. I am just like that. I take a dump and shower once a year whether I need it or not. Hygiene is important. We don't want to look or smell like some of the people on this site.

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I believe the theory of

I believe the theory of qualia is what you are referring to OP and that says nothing about nothing (Ha). Nothing is not just something humans cannot perceive, true nothing is something no living or non-living “thing” can perceive. So how could one possibly see the colors of nothing? That presupposition alone makes me think you’re nuts, not to mention the mad rambling.

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Remember ,it's all relative there is no 100%that we and the universe are part of nothing ... It's possible but still there is a percentage of existence .. Science gonna discover that we still on the way ..

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Ask your self the old

Ask your self the old philosophical question, “why something instead of nothing” and you get a brief look into what nothingness is.

The absurdity of the world, existing in this time and space, begs the question “wouldn’t have nothingness been simpler? Why not nothing?”

And the answer is always “there is something” - but try it, Chicken. You might just get an insight into it.


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